Friday, June 15, 2012

Increase Budget to Save More

If you increase your weekly grocery budget, you’ll save more money.  WHAT????  Sounds a bit off doesn't it?  It is true.  When we increase our grocery store buy, many consumers will see a decrease in overall monthly budget.  It’s usually tied directly to your entertainment budget.

How does this make any sense?  It’s really quite easy.  When you stock up the house with good things to eat, you tend to plan more things to do.    You’ll plan more stay at home barbeques, or patio picnics.  Generally, we spend far more money when we entertain ourselves by leaving home.  Only, I’m not big on staying home in the summer months.  I like to GO! How can I do this and travel with my kids the way I want?

Here’s an example.  Instead of taking a family of 4 to the movies.  Consider substituting microwave popcorn, and a Redbox movie rental.  Our movies for 4 would cost about $36 plus gas.  Why?  My husband insists on popcorn!  So we end up spending $36 in our weekly budget and label it “Entertainment.”  However, if I picked up some extra fruit slices, and drip, some microwave popcorn and maybe some frozen treats, the whole family would be just as happy with a rental and the comfy couch. 

As coupon users, we pride ourselves on how little we spend.  Yet sometimes we really need to look at the entire checkbook.   Take a moment to see where you could have substituted some savings by increasing your grocery budget.  Don’t forget to live a little.

The movies are easy.  How about money spent at little league games?  Or, Dinner out with friends?  Could you whip up dinner at home and pitcher of ice cold drinks for less?  What bout that GO itch?  I like to do things with the kids and culture them up a bit. 

This past weekend, we had a free Blues concert.  We all went with our bag chairs.  I did pack along plenty of drinks and treats from the grocery store.  It saved us money.  We had a great night out, and the entire family was well fed and happy.  Total cost was around $6.  IF we had eaten the sandwiches and chip combo at the park, we would have been at $30. 

There is of course one more way to look at your entertainment/grocery budgets.  That is, how much more money would you have to spend if you could save Half your entertainment costs?  Could you do MORE this summer by realigning your grocery budget?  Could you work in a ST. Louis ballgame, or a trip to Indy?  By spending a bit more, you could end up with a couple hundred a month in the debit column.  What would you do with some extra entertainment budget?

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