Saturday, April 28, 2012

Print N Save

 I've included several SmartSource print links below.  If you have never printed from them in the past, you'll need to approve Java software to count your prints.  Once you have done this you will not need to do it again.

Save $1.50 on 1 Birdseye Viola (ss print 2x)

Save $2 on 1 Schick Intuition razor or refill (ss print 2x)

Save $1 ON 1 Hershey's Pieces (ss print 2x)

Save $.50 on 1 Kaboom cleaning (ss print 2x)

B1G1 Duncan Hines Frosting Mixers (ss print 2x)

Save $.55 on 1 Little Debbie muffins (SS print 2x)

Save $1 on 1 Edwards Pie (ss print 2x)

Save $5 on 1 Zantac (SS print 2x)

For additions Print N Save Coupons:
Print N Save Section of this Blog
County Market
Coupon Clipping Services:

Lynn’s Coupons and Refunding Service Put COUNTY MARKET FREE SHIPPING in check out for free shipping on your first order. This offer must be for a purchase greater than $5, and can not be combined with any other offer. She provides newspaper, non newspaper, coupons and rebate forms.
Kuntry Klippers This service specializes in newspaper coupons. Their fees vary but are between 10% and 15% of face value. They also run specials on products. They ship a bit slower, allow for 3-4 days in Illinois. All coupons are sold in sets of 20 like coupons. County Market shoppers also get Free Shipping with “First Time County Market” in check out box.

Coupons by Dede This site sells full inserts, and clipped coupons. All of these coupons are newspaper coupons. The price is generally 15% of the face value of the coupon. You can buy 1 coupon, or 100 coupons. Shipping from this site is fairly fast. Very reliable service. She will run “Specials” on coupons when they get within 10 days of expiration.

The Coupon Clippers is the largest clipping service in the country. They provide newspaper, non newspaper, coupons and rebate forms. They have good service, and a large selection. Being the largest, the hottest coupons disappear fast. However, they do get LOTS of coupons.

The Coupon Master has a mix of newspaper and non newspaper coupons. They ship quickly. Their handling fees are 10%-12% of face value. Shipping is quick, usually arrives in 3 days. They do carry rebate forms on the site.

All internet coupon print limits are subjective. At the time of this email coupons were available for print. If the daily or weekly print limit has been reached, the coupon will be automatically pulled from the websites. You can try to print again tomorrow. All coupons listed are not available in our stores. We list them so you can order or find them to save you money. Check with clipping services, trade boards, or ebay to find coupons not in your store. It is our intent to help you find as many savings opportunities as possible. Enjoy!