Friday, March 2, 2012

Order Up!

We’ve had some really good match ups lately.  Those have prompted all our coupon members to buy heavily, or shall I say, save heavily!  We have a great coupon policy that will work out well for customers. 

This is NOT my stockpile, yet I kind of wish it was!  Wouldn't it be nice to have everything this tidy!
At our club we work very closely with the store’s grocery manager to be sure to have plenty of the goodies we need that match our coupons.  So when SW beans were on sale two weeks ago (just like they are on sale again) we let them know that we needed several extra cases in order to use all our coupons.  

Nothing is more frustrating for a coupon user than to order coupons, line up our deals, and find the shelf bare.  However, that can easily be avoided with some simple communication.  It can even work out to our advantage. 

When we see a big stockpile deal, it’s key to get the product before the coupon expires.  It’s also key for the store to get the product ordered within that price week.  To lock in that super price, we need to get our store orders placed quickly.  Then they guarantee the price and  delivery.  Usually the shelf only holds around 2 cases of any particular product.  When the SW sale was going on,  our coupon club alone wanted 25 cases.  So that required extra orders.  Our steps are pretty simple.  We meet at club, and I ask them to tell me how many they each plan to buy.  I then assume other couponers will be stocking on this deal too, so I add 15%.  We have always been pretty close to that amount in actual coupon redemption and sales.   We don’t want to have the store order too many more than we need, nor do we want to run out.

Every once in a blue moon, we run short.  When that happens, I get a rain check.  A Rain check can be written up at the Customer Service Desk.  When I first started coupon shopping I used to try to hide my true intentions.  I would say, “I would like 12 cans please.”  When I knew I had 60 coupons and planned to get 60.  Something about saying 60 out loud made me shrink my number down.  That only meant I wasn't getting what I planned to stock for my family, and the store would be short again.  There is no need to hide the true amount you need.  The store wants you to get as many as they can supply to you.  They also know that if you’re using your coupons, that helps the store sales.
Having a face to face relationship with the store helps them to know that when you say you want 76 cans of something that you truly do want those, and you will be back to pick them up.  

Sometimes, you see an item on sale and the coupons barely arrive before it goes off sale.  If you are ordering coupons, and you know they will be coming in on the last day of the sale, be sure to share that info as well.  I’ve buzzed into my store at the last moment, picked up wrapped cases of items from the back storage room.  Whoa!  That is fun.  Getting a full year supply of pizza sauce, or macaroni and having all shelf ready for home.  The advantage is two fold.  They had it ready for me with out messing up the shelves, and I had easy handling from cart to pantry.  
Finally, sometimes a rain check can be to your favor as well.  So long as we order the products for you in the current sale week we can lock in the price.  That also gives you an extra couple of weeks to get your coupons in order.  Sometimes, when I’m waiting on mail, the extra days are very handy.

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