Friday, March 16, 2012

A Good Relationship

I adopted my cashier a couple of years ago. Her name is Debbie. My local club knows I talk about her as being “Mine” all the time. Debbie actually laughs and thinks its funny. She looks out for my transaction, and I help her know about deals in the store in turn. Having a good relationship with your cashier is good. She has often said things like, “Did you see the coupon over by produce?” or “Some other customer just had FREE toothpaste she got from the clearance rack in the back” She sees it all. If there is a deal in store that is unadvertised, Debbie has seen it. She also can find things for me, that I could not locate. Another reason to adopt a cashier, is so that they get to know you. 

Debbie likes to play the “Count it down” game with me. I put the groceries on the belt, then we guess where I’ll end up. We kind of play it like Price is Right. I will tell her up front, I’ve got a couple coupons in the pile I’m not sure will work. She’ll then try to guess which ones they are. I’m very up front with her. I tell her if I’m stacking a coupon that may not work. Then the entire uneasiness does not exist. She knows, I’m just seeing if it will work, and she helps me anyway she can. She is more relaxed knowing me, that she doesn’t have to stress over coupon fraud, or me trying to use a coupon on a wrong item. It’s good for both of us.

There are some things coupon friendly cashiers do that we coupon users like. See if your cashier does the coupon count at the closing of the transaction. This is where they tell you the amount saved with coupons, or tell you the number redeemed. That makes it easy for you to know right away that each coupon scanned properly and you have all your savings.

To work on your relationship, try these things:
  1.  Introduce yourself 
  2. Share that you’re part of the coupon club 
  3. Engage in small talk 
  4. Line up your coupons all facing bar code up 
  5. Ask for any in store tips
  6.  Mention the number of coupons you are using today (I’m redeeming 22 today!) 
  7. Ask what the hottest selling item is this week 
  8. Pick up discarded catalina coupons 
  9. Find out if there were any new hangtags or rebate forms in store

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