Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Catalina Rewards 7/12 County Market

It seems we've hit a summer drought! Just three Catalinas this week.

Scott Bath Tissue 1000 6/24 to 7/10
Buy 2 Get $2.00 Off
Buy 3+ Get $3.00 Off

Kraft Good Seasons 6/24 to 7/17
Buy 1+ Get $1.00 Off

Bacardi Mixers 6/24 to 7/17
Buy 3 Get $1.00 Off
Buy 4 Get $2.00 Off
Buy 5+ Get $3.00 Off

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This is a great time to discuss where to get coupons to match catalinas. Often in our coupon match blog I talk about Booklet coupons, Hangtags, Tearpads, and Peelies. These are coupons that are randomly shipped to stores all over the US. These come inside boxes and are packed at the manufacturer's. Usually, they are not consistently in the stores. Meaning, County Market may have some in one store, not in another. Or, you may find the coupons in other grocery stores or convenience stores.

The Key to couponing successfully is having a source for the coupons you want. The internet makes that easy. Simply look for coupon clipping services to get the ones your store does not have. They will charge you a small handling fee to get them to your home. It's worth it! Especially if you are planning to get items close to free after coupons.

We list the coupon matches so that you can more easily find someone online who is trading those coupons. IF you know it exists, you know what to look for when you're hunting up some deals. Good luck!
A Catalina Reward is a coupon or cash value certificate that will print if you purchase a pre determined number of items from a manufacturer.

Offers valid between dates listed. You May use newspaper or
printable coupons to save additional money. Also check my weekly Print N Save list on Saturdays.