Friday, June 3, 2011

Extreme Coupons TLC

The ever popular TV show has just signed on for another season. This has all the “Hard Core” coupon users in a tither. They don’t like it! Why? Because it shows items being sold at unreasonable, or unduplicable prices. They believe that the show will build expectations that the new coupon users will never be able to experience.

I have never seen triple coupon offers. Ever. I have seen a triple stack deal where I used a coupon, sale price, and a Catalina and got a smoking deal and free goods.
As far as I know County Market is the only store actively assisting coupon users to teach them how to recognize the deals, and how to stack.

When Class was over in Rushville last week a lady asked me, “How long to you expect this to last?” I was a bit baffled. Stacking coupons, getting free items, and saving 50% or more has been around since I was born in 1972. Not everyone has known how to go about it. Now, with classes, I expect coupon usage to continue for years! Decade!

If you haven’t watched the show, watch! Its fun for me to see them Cheat on the check out lane. I know when I see a 4 pack yogurt coupon being used on a single cup, it would never happen and they are staging the deal for TV. But they do have some good points to make too:

  1. Don’t Horde
  2. Buy what you can use
  3. Stack coupons
  4. Use cross promotional coupons
  5. Become friends with your cashier
  6. Remember the store is your partner, not enemy
  7. Save money