Friday, May 6, 2011

Booklet Coupons

Most of the weekly questions I get have something to do with finding Booklet coupons. Those are the little books of recipes, coupons, and consumer information put out for the products. Kraft, Campbell's, Kelloggs, all the big guys create booklets with their coupons to educate you on why you need their products, and how you can easily incorporate them in your daily life.

Often I make notes of the coupon offers inside the booklets as they match our weekly sale. Some of you will be able to find them easily in your store. Others, especially the smaller stores will have trouble. As I put the Booklet coupon amount, I'll also name the booklet if I can. Several coupon users have had success, simply asking for a copy of the booklet to be delivered to your home.

Simply let the company know which booklet you would like, and why.

Dear Campbell's,

Our family loves your spaghetti O's. My son in particular asks for them all the time. I was on a coupon board recently that mentioned you have a booklet out called, "Good Health" My store doesn't have this booklet. Would you be able to send me a copy? I would really appreciate it.

LeAnn Moyers

My mailbox receives coupons from company mailing lists weekly. Always let them know which product you are interested in purchasing. They usually ship immediately, and you'll have a brand new booklet of savings. Want ideas as to which booklets are available? Here is what I do, I look over Coupon Databases like the one Hot Coupon World keeps. As consumers place the booklet information in the database, I can select to run a search of all booklet type coupons that are current. Visit the company website and request a booklet. Simple and easy.