Friday, May 13, 2011

3 Newspaper Inserts 5/15

This Sunday 5/15 is a big insert weekend. There will be 2 SmartSource inserts, and 1 Redplum. Did you know that the coupons offered in each paper is unique to the market? True! If you’ve ever looked at my blog and noticed I said there’s a newspaper coupon available, and you did not have it in your organizer, it’s because it’s available in other towns. Sometimes having a coupon friend who lives in Atlanta or Dallas can be an asset.

Many coupon users buy multiple papers. They also talk to friends and family to ask them to save their extra inserts. You can also talk to coffee shops, businesses, retirement homes and hotels about saving inserts for you. You’ll need those that carry regional papers. USA today does not have inserts.

If you buy 10 or more papers, you can easily trade or sell your coupon sets on ebay or hot coupon world forums. Staple them together for easy batch cutting. You can easily recoup the cost of your papers with the trade funds you get from coupons you do not plan to use.

Finally, I take a glace at the inserts weekly. lists all coupons in the paper BEFORE it comes out. That way I can plan how many I will need for the week. Sometimes I buy 6, sometimes 0. Use your insert money wisely!