Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Coupon Match up 3/30 County Market

We have 3 In Ad Coupons this week:

1. Store Coupon: Buy 3 General Mills Cereal & Save up to $3.50 on Milk

2. Manufacturer Coupon: Save $1.50 on Chicken when you buy 1 package of New Philadelphia Cooking Creame

3. Manufacturer Coupon: Save $1 on any 2 Old Orchard Healthy Balance or Cranberry Naturals juice drinks

We are also seeing many coupons expire Thursday! So coupons are good for 2 days of this week's sale. Be sure to check your coupon expiration dates.


Big G Cereals Sel Var & Sizes 16-18oz 3/ $9 Print Multiple GM Cereal Coupons In Ad Coupon - Buy 3 Save up to $3.50 on Milk

Capri Sun Koolers/kool-Aid Jammers Sel 10pk $1.79 Excellent Price

Clorox WipesSprayClnrsSel 35c-32-48z $1.99 Use newspaper coupon to save $1 on 2

Green Giant Veggies Sel 11-15.25oz $.49 Excellent Stock up Price

Lysol Disinfecting Spray Sel 12-12.5oz $3.49 Save $1 on 2 or use newspaper coupons to save $1 on 1

Starkist Chunk Light Tuna Sel 5oz 2/ $.88 Use newspaper coupons to save $.75 on 2 "Select cans"

Carliita Salsa All 16oz 3/ $5 Store Brand Savings

County Market / Flav Applesauce All 24-25oz $.99 Store Brand Savings

County Market/Flav Saltines All 15-16oz $1.29 Store Brand Savings

Crystal Lite 8qt-7-10ct 2/ $4 Use tearpad coupons to save $1 on 1

Lays, Fritos & Cheetos All 8-11z $2.49 Excellent Price

Keebler Club Crackers All 11-16oz $1.99 Use tearpad coupons to save $.50 on 1

Nabisco Ritz Chp/Wht Thns/Oreo Cakesters All 5-13.25z $2.79 Excellent Price

Flav Cereals Sel Var & Sizes 11-24oz $1.99 Store Brand Savings

Flav Boxed Potato All 4.5-7.2ooz $.99 Store Brand Savings

Healthy Choice/MarieCallender Fresh Mixed Sel 6.49-7.95z 2/ $5

Hefty One Zip Value Pack Sel 25-40ct $2.49 Use tearpad coupons to save $1 on 1

Homelife Reclosable Bags VP 30-50ct $1.99 Store Brand Savings

Hunts Tomatoes or Sauce Sel 28-29oz $1.49 Use home mailer coupons to save $.50 on 1

Jet Dry 6.76-8.45z $2.99 Use newspaper coupon to save $1 on 1, or print $.75 on 1

Juicy Juice Sel 46oz $2.19 Save $2 on 4

Kelloggs Pop Tarts/Crisps Sel 4.86oz-12ct $2.69 Use newspaper coupons to save $1 on 2

Kens Dressings Sel 16oz $1.99 Use newspaper coupons to save $1 on 1

Lysol Hand Soap System Cucumber Splash Sel 1ct $8.99 Use home mailer coupon to save $2 on 1

Maruchan Ramen Noodles Sel 3oz 5/ $1 Excellent Price

Old Orchard Juice/Juice Blends Sel 64oz $2.19 Look for peelies to save $.50 on 1

Orville Redenbacher MW Popcorn Sel 6-10pk $3.49 Use tearpad coupon to save $1.50 on 2 when also buying Coke. P

urex Liq Detergent Sel 72oz $3.49 Use newspaper coupons to save $1 on 1

Super Crunch Tortilla Chips All 12oz $1.29 Store Brand Savings

Del Monte Fruit Cups or Chillers Sel 4-8pk $1.79 Use home mailer coupons to save $1 on 3

Flav Pasta Sel 12-16oz $.99 Store Brand Savings

Kelloggs Cereals Sel Var & Sizes 8-16oz 2/ $4 Excellent Catalina match: Buy 3 get Free MILK Use coupons from

Skippy Peanut Butter Var Sel 15-16.3oz $1.49 Excellent Price

All Liq Detergent/Snuggle Liq/Sheets Sel 32-50z70-80ea $3.99 Use home mailer coupons to save $1 on 1

Classico Pasta Sauce Sel 15-24oz $2.19 Combo: Hangtags to B2G1 FRee with Newspaper coupons to buy 2 save $1 on beef.

Nabisco Cheese Nips 10.5-12oz 3/ $5 Excellent Price

Flav Rapid Rice All 8.8oz 2/ $3 Store Brand Savings

Motts Medley 100% Jc Apple/Grp/Trop Sel 46oz $2.49 Look for Peelie's to save $1 on 1

Nunn Better Cat Food Sel 16lb $7.99 Store Brand Savings

Nunn Better Dog Biscuits Sel 4lb $3.69 Store Brand Savings

Nunn Better Mini Cfhunks/Nuggets Sel 16lb $5.99 Store Brand Savings

Propel Sel 6pk 2/ $5 Excellent Price

Sparkle Glass Cleaner w Trigger All 33.8oz $1.99 Excellent Price

Whole Care Pet Cat Litter 20lb $2.99 Store Brand Savings

Kelloggs SpecKCrackerChipVanWfrsSoftBatch All 4-18oz $2.49 Save $1 on 2


County Market Cottage Cheese All 24oz $1.99 Store Brand Savings

Kraft Pre Packaged Singles Sel 12oz $1.49 Save $1 on 1 2% variety

Prairie Farms Yogurt All 6oz 10/ $4 Excellent Price

Philly Cooking Crème Sel 10oz $2.29 In ad M Coupon - $1.50 off Fresh Chicken w/ Purchase

Floridas Nat OJ /Apple/Grapefruit Jce All 59oz $2.88 Excellent Price

Prairie Farms Fruit Drinks All gal $1.59 Excellent Price

Prairie Farms Tampico All gal $1.88 Excellent Price

Frigo String Cheese All 12oz $3.59 Use newspaper coupon to save $.50 on 1

International Delight All 16oz $1.59 Save $.55 on 1, or look for All You April coupon for $1.50 on 2

Lenders Refridgerated Bagels Sel 6ct $1.59 Save $.35 on 1 with newspaper coupon, or Use ALL You April coupon to save $1 on combo with Country spread.

Yoplait Delights, Fiber 1 or Yo+ MP Sel 4pk 2/$4 Use any of multiple newspaper offers.


Flav Steamable Veggies All 12oz $.88 Store Brand Savings

Prairie Farms Squares All 1/2gal $2.99 Save $.40 on 1

Culinary Circle Pizza All 12.01-33.5 2/ $10 Store Brand Savings

Tombstone Pizzas Sel 18.7-29.51 3/ $10 Excellent Price

Flav Hashbrowns All 23-32oz 2/ $4 Store Brand Savings

Monas Egg Noodles All 16oz 2/ $3 Excellent Price

Pillsbury Strudel/Pancakes All 11.5-15.2z $1.99 Use newpaper coupons to save $.75 on 2

County Market Pizza All 16.5-19.7z 4/ $10 Store Brand Savings

Coles Toast, Loaf or Sticks Sel 10.5-17.5z 2/ $5 Use peelie's to save $.50 on 1

Edys Ice Cream/Yogurt All 48oz $3.79 Store Brand Savings

Home Run Inn 12" Clasc/Signtre Pizza Sel 27-33oz 2/ $12 Excellent Price

Skinny Cow Bars/Cones/Sandwiches Sel 4-12pks $4.49 Use All You mag coupon for April to save $.50 on 1

Green Giant Steamer w Sauce Sel 12oz $1.79 Use tearpad coupons or newpaper to save $.50 on 1

Monas Meat/Chs Tortellini All 16oz 2/ $5 Excellent Price

North Star Old Fashion Cones/PF NSA IceCrmSquares 6pk/1/2gal $3.29 Store Brand Savings

Westpac Blends All 16oz $1.69 Excellent Price


Flav Jumbo Biscuits All 16oz 2/ $3 Store Brand Savings

Beechnut Stage 2 Baby Foods Sel 4oz $.49 Excellent Price

Flav Noodles All 12-16oz $1.39 Store Brand Savings

Gerber Graduates Sel 1-14oz $2.69 Excellent Price


Lysol Pourable/Trigger/Kitchen/Aerosal 1ct $1.99

Lysol Wipe/TB Cleaner 1ct $1.99

Clorox Liquid Bleach 82-96oz $1.69

Clorox DsnfectantsPinesol Sel 35c-32-48z $1.99

Palmolive Dish Soap Sel 25oz $1.99

Soft Scrub Reg/ Sprays- Bath & Bowl/Gel/KitchenSel 23-26oz 2/ $5


8x8 Brownies each $2.99

Butterbraid Coffee Cake each $3.99

1.2 oz cookies 10ct $2.99

Cinnamon Swirl Raisin Bread loaf $3.49

Hoagie buns 4ct $1.99 kaiser rolls 6ct $1.99

brat buns 6ct $1.99 mini kaisers 10ct $1.99

Hamburger buns 8ct $1.99 Hotdog buns 8ct $1.99

Wheat hoagies 4ct $1.99

Wheat Kaisers 6ct $1.99

Wheat Hamburger 8ct $1.99


Willowbrook Kettle Fried Turkey lb $7.49

Eckrich Hard Salami lb $6.49

Shullsburg American Cheese lb $5.49

SR Rotelli Pasta lb $3.99

EDFV Hot Meals each $3.99

Stacy's pita chips 8oz $3.49

Slow Roasters Roast Beef lb $7.49


Farmland Roll/LinkSausageSel 12-16z $1.99 Use newspaper coupons to save $.55 on 1

FarmlandBacon/CntrCutBaconSel 12-16z $3.79 Use newspaper coupons to save $1 on 1

FarmlandJmboFrank/BolognaSel 12-16z 2/ $3

FarmlandRopeSausageSel 14-16z 2/ $6

HealthOnes/EckrichTubLnchmtsSel 6.5-8z 2/ $5

HormelNaturalChoiceSel 6-9oz 2/ $6

Line Hormel NC Bacon 12oz $3.99

JohnsnvlChickenSausageSel 12oz $3.49

JustBareChikBnlsSknlsChknBrst 14oz $4.69

SprmChc 31x40Ckd EZ PeelShrimp 32z $11.99

SupremeChoiceTilapiaFillets 16z $3.99

VandKmps/MrsPaulsBrdFltsSel 14-24.6oz $3.49


Red Seedless Grapes lb $1.19

Green Seedless Grapes lb $1.19

Dole Coleslaw 14 oz $1.49

Dole Shredded Lettuce 8 oz $1.49

Grape Tomatoes pint 2/$5

GG Idaho Potatoes 5 lb $2.19

GG Idaho Potatoes 5 lb $2.19

WA Red Delicious, Gold Delicious, Gala Braeburn and Jonagold Apples lb $1.19

Sunkist Navel Oranges ct 2/$1

TX Red Grapefruit ct 2/$1

Golden Pineapple ct $2.99

Romaine Hearts 3ct. $2.99

Bartlett Pears Lb $1.29

Bi-Color Sweet Corn Ea 2/$1

Fresh Meat Beef, RL T-Bone Steak VP Wgt $6.99

Beef, RL Bottom Round Roast Wgt $3.49

Beef, RL Bottom Round Steak VP Wgt $3.69

Beef, RL 8oz New York Strip Steak Ea $4

Beef, RL Beef Cube Steak VP Wgt $3.69

Pork, Boneless Pork Ribs on a Stick VP Wgt $2.99

Pork, Pork Top Loin Roast Boneless - Roast of Week Wgt $2.69

Ham, Korn Top Smoked Ham Steak Wgt $3.49

Korn Top Sliced Bulk Bacon VP Wgt $2.99

Seafood, Farm Raised Whole Catfish VP - Catch of Week Wgt $2.99

Seafood, Imitation Crab Flakes VP Wgt $2.79

Seafood, Salmon Fillet 7 oz Wild Alaskan Ea $4

Seafood, Fresh East Coast Cod Fillets Wgt $6.99

Gate - All Week Sale

Poultry, 10# Leg Quarters Ea $5.90

Pork, Pork Top Loin Chops Boneless VP Wgt $2.69

Pork, Ground Pork Patties Wgt $2.19

Beef, 80% Lean Ground Chuck VP Wgt $2.49

Butcher Shop

SM, Fresh Chopped Steak Wgt $3.49

SM, Choice Boneless Ribeye Steak 8 oz Ea $5.00

SM, Mom's Oven Ready Meat Loaf Wgt $2.99

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