Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Coupon Match up 3/23 County Market

Love the 10 for $10 sales. This one is HUGE, it even has produce items on sale 10 for $10. There are 2 Manufacturer's coupons and 2 Store coupons inside your weekly ad flier. Be sure to use those.

Betty Crocker Family Brownies Sel 18-20.5oz 10/$10 Excellent Price

Betty Crocker Hamb/Chicken Helpers 4.8-8.4oz 10/$10 Look for Tearpad coupons to save $2 on 3 when you buy ground beef. Or use newspaper coupons to save $1 on 3

Creamette/Ronzoni Smart Taste Pasta Sel 12-16oz 10/$10 Use newspaper coupons to save $1 on 2

Flav Pasta Sauce All 24oz 10/$10 Store Brand Savings

Progresso Classics Soups Sel 19oz 10/$10 Excellent Price

Kleenex Classic Facial Tissue 184-200ct 10/$10 FREE ALERT There are SOME SmartSource newspaper coupons for $1 on 1! Otherwise use $1 on 3 newspaper coupons.

7up, A&W, Coke, Diet Coke 2 Ltrs 2 Ltr 10/$10 Look for Hangtags or Tearpads to save $1 on 2 Coke 2 ltrs.

Red gold salsa SELECT 15.5-16z 10/$10 Use $.55 on 3 ANY Tomato Products tearpad coupons.

Ajax Dish Liquid Sel 16oz 10/$10 Use newspaper coupons to save $1 on 2, or $.50 on 1

Betty Crocker Skillet Spec Potatoes 4.5-7.6oz 10/$10 Use "Boxed potato" Coupons for this product: Use newspaper coupons to save $1 on 2.

Big G Cereals Sel Var & Sizes 8.9-13oz 2/ $5 Use General Mills booklet coupons to save $1 on 2 or print Multiple Coupons

Bumble Bee Solid White Tuna Sel 5oz 10/$10 Look for peelies to save $1 on 5

Chef Boyardee Canned or MW Pasta Sel 7.5-15oz 10/$10
Use booklet coupons to get free pudding cups when buying 4 Chef Boyardee

Chili Man Chili w/ Beans All 15oz 10/$10 Excellent Price

County Market/Flav Applesauce All 6pk 2/ $3 Store Brand Savings

County Market/Flav Chili/Kidney Beans All 15oz 3/ $2 Store Brand Savings

County Market/Flav Peanut Butter All 18oz 2/ $3 Store Brand Savings

County Market/Flav/Cub Apple Jc All 64oz $1.29 Store Brand Savings

Butternut HoneyWheat/White Bread All 16oz 2/ $3 Excellent Price

Frito Lay single serve bags All 2-4.13oz 10/$10 Excellent Price

Hostess Snacks All 1-6ct 10/$10 Excellent Price 100 Calorie Packs, sign up to get a $.75 on 1 coupon

Nabisco Oreos/PremCrack/HnyMaidGrahm All 9-16.6 2/$5 Excellent Price

Nabisco Barnum's Animal Crackers All 2.1oz 10/$10 Excellent Price

Dial Basics Sel 3pk 10/$10 Use newspaper coupon to save $1 on 3

Flav Candies All 5.5-16oz 10/$10 Store Brand Savings

Flav Frosted Toaster Pastries All 11oz 10/$10 Store Brand Savings

Fresh & Soft Classic Sheets Sel 40ct 10/$10 Store Brand Savings

Hunts Ketchup Sel 24oz 10/$10 Look for Peelies to save $.50 on 2

Hunts Spaghetti Sauce Sel 26oz 10/$10 Excellent Price

Kraft Deluxe Homestyles Sel 12.6oz 2/ $4
In Ad Manufacturer Coupon - Buy 2 Save $2 for additional: Save $.50 on 1

Malt O Meal Better Oats Sel 6.15-7.55z 10/$10 Save $1 on 2

Healthy Choice Soup Sel 15oz 10/$10 Excellent Price

Red Gold Tomatoes or Ketchup Sel 14.5-24z 10/$10 Use tearpad coupons to save $.55 on 3

Soft Soap Liquid Hand Soap Sel 7.5oz 10/$10 Excellent Price

Act II MW Popcorn/Crunch & Munch Sel 3pk/4oz 10/$10 Use newspaper coupons to save $.50 on 1

County Market/Flav Oyster Crackers All 12oz 10/$10 Store Brand Savings

Knorr Sides Sel 1ct 10/$10 Excellent Price

Ragu Pizza Sauce Sel 14oz 10/$10 Combo with newspaper coupon to get FREE pasta up to $1.25 when buying 2

Betty Crocker Bowl Appetit Sel 2 oz 10/$10 Excellent Price

Helper Bowls Sel 1.6oz 10/$10 Excellent Price

Doritos/Ruffles All 8.5-14.5oz $2.99 Excellent Price

Betty Crocker Pouch Pot/Muffn/Bisuits/Brwnies Sel 3.3-10.3oz 4/ $3 Look for Peelies to save $.50 on 2

Bisquick Shake & Pour Sel 5.1oz 10/$10 Excellent Price

COS Tuna or Pink Salmon Sel 2.5-5z 10/$10 Use newspaper coupons to save $1.50 on 3

Keb TwnHseCrck/Toasteds/SandiesSel 7.70-16oz $1.99 Excellent Price

Flav Cran Juice sel 64oz $2.69 Store Brand Savings

Gatorade/ Recover/Prime SELECT 4-32z 10/$10 FREE ALERT There are a few tearpad coupons good for $1 on 1.

Keebler Asst Pie Crusts/Tarts Sel 4-6oz $1.49 Excellent Price

Kelloggs Cereals Sel Var & Sizes 10.8-18oz 2/ $5 Multiple from

Luzianne RTD Sweet Tea Sel 16z 10/$10 Look for Peelie coupons to save $.60 on 1

McCormick Bag N Season Sel .81-1.37oz 10/$10 Excellent Price

McCormick Recipe Inspirations Sell .26-.41oz 10/$10 Excellent Price

Mt. Olive Sweet or Dill Relish All 8oz 10/$10 Use hangtags to save $.55 on 1

Nunn Better Jerky/Beef Strips Sel 5.6-6oz 10/$10 Store Brand Savings

NY TX Toast Croutons 5oz 10/$10 Use newspaper coupons to save $.50 on 1

Quaker Quakes or True Delights Sel 3-3.52z 10/$10 Excellent Price

Starkist Chunk Light Tuna Pouch/Tuna Salad Sel 2.6-3oz 10/$10 There were some printables, and you may have it in your coupons stash for $.75 on 1. Its valid, but no more prints are available.

Wacky Mac Veggie Pasta Shipper 12oz 10/$10 Use newspaper coupons to save $.40 on 1

1st National Bagel Sel 5ct 10/$10 Excellent Price

Daisy Sour Cream All 8oz 10/$10 Excellent Price

Nesquik All 16oz 10/$10 Use tearpad coupons to save $.35 on 1

Dannon Fruit on the Bottom/Reg/Light Yogurts All 6oz 10/ $5 Use newspaper coupons to save $.25 on 1

Praire Farms Choc Milk All Gal $3.69 Excellent Price

Kraft Shreds/Crumbles/Melts/Cubes/sticks.Chunks 5-9.6oz 2/$4 Use newspaper coupons or peelies to save $1 on 2

Coffeemate Dairy 16oz $1.69 Use hangtags to save $1 on 1

County Market /Flav Veg Spread Bowl All 45oz 2/ $5 Store Brand Savings

Sunny Delight All 128oz $2.89 Excellent price

Yoplait Greek Yogurt All 6oz 10/ $10 Save $.30 on 1, or use newspaper coupon to save $1.50 on 5

Yotastic Yougurt All 6oz 5/ $2 Save $.40 on 6


BirdsEye Steamfrish Vegetables or Rice All 10-16oz 10/$10 Save $1 on 3 Bricks print 2x

Blue Bunny Personals All 7oz 10/$10 Excellent Price

Tonys CrspyCrstPizza/larrysStuftPotatoes 9.73-10.42 10/$10 Use newspaper coupons to save a $1 on 2. They have this on their website, it is Down right now, late in the week it may be running again.

Nicks Thin Crust Pizza All 12.6-14.3 4/ $9 Excellent Price

Michelina High / Mid Tier Sel 8-9oz 10/$10 Save $1 on 5

North Star Twin or Banana Pops Sel 6pk 10/$10 Store Brand Savings

Prairie Farms Old Recipe Ice Cream Sel 56oz $4.19 Save $.50 on 1

Palmeros Piz All STORE COUPON Buy 2 Get 1 Free case CM Waterw/CPN 13-32.26 2/$9
Use Palmer's $1 on 1 tearpad coupons to stack

Ben & Jerrys Ice Cream Cups All 3.6oz 10/$10 Excellent Price

County Market /FlavWhipped Topping All 12oz 2/ $3 Store Brand Savings

DiGiornos Pizzas Sel 13-34.2oz 2/ $10 Look for Miller Lite tags to save $3 on 3, or use Digiono tearpad coupons to save $1 on 2

Edys Ice Cream/Yogurt Cups All 6-12oz 10/$10 Excellent Price

HomeRunInn12" Pizzas Sel 16.5-21 $5.29 Excellent Price

De Wafelbakker Pancakes All 18-60ct $2.99 Use tearpad coupons to save $1 on 1

Flav Waffles/Pancakes All 12.3-16.5z 2/ $3 Store Brand Savings

Marie Callender Diners/PotPies/FlvrSteamers Sel 8.5-21oz 3/ $9 Use tearpad coupons to save $1 on 2

Pills Valu Pk Strudles All 23oz $3.99 Use newspaper coupon to save $.55 on 2

Baby Basics Bath Products sel 15oz $1.79 Store Brand Savings

Equaline Cetirizine BOGOF 30ct BOGO Store Brand Savings

Equaline Cotton Swabs 500ct 1.99 Store Brand Savings

County Market/Flav Concord /Grape Jelly - Don’t Pic Flav 20-32oz 2/ 3 Store Brand Savings

Flav Gravy or Seasoning Mix Sel .75-1.75oz 2/ 1 Store Brand Savings

Homelife Wipes Disinfectant Sel 75ct 2.99 Store Brand Savings

Shoppers Value Chips or Pretzels All 9-10oz 3/ 4 Store Brand Savings

WholeCare Pet Dry Dog/Puppy/Cat Food All 15.5-21lb 9.99 Store Brand Savings

Keebler Sandies All 7.7-16oz $2.49 Excellent Price

HomeRunInn 6"Classic/ThinCrust Piz All 4-9oz 4/ $11 Excellent Price

BarSJumbo/BunLengt FranksSel 16oz $1.19
BobEvansSausageRolls Sel 16oz 2/ $6
CornKingBacon Sel 1lb $3.19
EckrichSmkedSausage, Links or GrillersSel 12-16z 2/ $5
El MontrChimi/Burrito2Pk Sel 8oz 10/$10
FisherBoyFishStckNgtsFltPoprsSel 18-24z $3.69
JvilleSausgLnksRollPtySel 12-16 oz 2/ $6
SprmChcIQF 80x120 BayScallops 1lb $5.99
SuprmChc 41x50CkdShrimp 1lb $6.99
TysonBaggedChickenSel 20-29z $5.99
TysonCornishHen 22oz 2/ $6
OM RegLunchablesSel 3.3-4.5z 10/$10

BAKERYHot Cross Buns 6ct $2.69
Pane Bread loaf $1.99
Strawberry angel food jelly rolls each $2.99
Baguette Bread each $1.99
2pk Texas Sheet Cakes 2ct $1.00
Strudel bites 12ct $2.99

DELIKretschmar Brown Sugar Ham lb $6.99
Honeysuckle Honey Mesquite Turkey lb $6.49
Honeysuckle Cajun Turkey lb $6.49
Eckrich Roast Beef lb $6.99
Shullsburg Provolone Cheese lb $5.99
SR Deviled Egg potato salad lb $3.69
Rotisserie Chicken each $5.49
EDFV 2 pk Sandwiches each $2.99
Jumbo chicken legs - chester each $1.00
Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges 6oz $3.49

ProduceFP = GG Mini Peeled Carrots 1 lb 10/$10
DelMonte Fruit Naturals 7 oz 10/$10
DelMonte Super Fruits 6 oz 10/$10
WA Anjou Pears - USA Pear Logo lb 10/$10
Broccoli Crowns Lb $1.69
Roma Tomatoes lb $1.77
Florida Strawberries 1 lb 2/$4
Cut Seedless Watermelon lb $.69
Sunkist Navel Oranges 4 lb 2/$5
Dole Salad Blends ct $2.77
US#1 Yams lb $.69
Wisconsin Baker Russets lb $.69

Fresh Meat
FP = Poultry, VP Split Chicken Breast Wgt 10/$10
Beef, 75% Lean Ground Beef VP Wgt $2.19
Beef, RL Top Sirloin Fillet VP Wgt $4.99
Beef, RL Boneless Chuck Roast Wgt $3.49
Beef, RL Boneless Chuck Steak VP Wgt $3.69
Beef, RL Sirloin Tri-Tip Steak VP Wgt $5.49
Poultry, Split Chicken Breast STUFFED Wgt $1.30
Pork, Pork Loin Sirloin Chops Boneless/Store VP Wgt $2.69
Pork, Pork Loin Rib Chops VP Wgt $2.79
Pork, Pork Loin Illini Chops/Store Wgt $2.99
Seafood, Farm Raised Catfish Nuggets VP Wgt $1.89
Line - Seafood, Breaded Catfish Nuggets VP Wgt $1.99
Seafood, Wild Caught USA 41/50 ct Shell on Shrimp Wgt $5.99
Seafood, Shrimp & Crab Combo Ea $15.99
Seafood, Lemon Butter Dill Catfish Fillets Wgt $4.99
Seafood, Cajun Catfish Fillets Wgt $4.99
Seafood, Lemon Pepper Catfish Fillets Wgt $4.99

Butcher ShopSM, Bourbon Marinated Rib Eye Chops 5 oz Ea 10/$10
SM, Choice Boneless NY Steak 8 oz Ea $4.50
SM, Choice Italian Beef Thin Sliced Wgt $3.49

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