Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Catalina Rewards 3/29 County Market

Many of you have followed the Catalina blog since we started over 15 months ago. Last week's labeling issue with Catalina prompted some questions as to how we can make the system better. This week, if you have any suggestions you would like to make about the Catalina blog, usage in stores, or offers in general email me direct and let me know. We will be meeting with Cat folks in a couple weeks to discuss improvements. My suggestion: I would like details on each offer not just a title :) Send me email at lmoyers@adams.net Thanks! Betty Crocker Skillet Helpers 3/21 to 4/17 This is actually on Hamburger Helper. NOT on Skillets, it's just labeled that way by the Catalina folks. Buy 3 Get $1.50 Off Buy 4 Get $2.00 Off Buy 5+ Get $3.00 Off Del Monte Dog Snacks 3/21 to4/21 Buy 2 Get $1.00 Off Buy 3 Get $2.00 Off Buy 5+ Get $3.00 Off Nescafe 3/25 to 4/17 Buy 2 Get $2.00 Off Buy 3 Get $3.00 Off Buy 4+ Get $4.00 Off Gerber Good Start 3/25 4/17 Buy $40-$59.99 Get $5.00 Off Buy $60-$79.99 Get $7.50 Off Buy $80+ Get $15.00 Off U by Kotex 3/25 to 4/17 Buy 2 Get $1.50 Off Buy 3 Get $2.00 Off Buy 4+ Get $3.00 Off Kellogg's Cereal & Free Milk Mar 18 to Apr 9 Lots of newspaper coupons available! Buy 3+ Get free Gallon of milk(up to $3.59) McCormick Pre Easter (food coloring) Mar 18 To Apr 10 Buy 2 Get $1.50 Off Buy 3+ Get $2.50 Off Are you a fan of County Market Coupon News on Facebook? This is where I offer you quick links on FB to coupons and daily deals. Like us today! Want blog entires delivered to your Inbox? Subscribe to County Market Coupon Blog News Catalina Tuesdays, Match up Wed, and Print N Save Sat. Email: Visit this group A Catalina Reward is a coupon or cash value certificate that will print if you purchase a pre determined number of items from a manufacturer. Offers valid between dates listed. You May use newspaper or printable coupons to save additional money. Also check my weekly Print N Save list on Saturdays.