Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Coupon Match up County Market 2/9

We have a Massive 10/$10 sale this week. Many items are at a 12 month low. Stock up on those. We also have 2 County Market store coupons and 1 Manufacturer coupon in the weekly flier. Remember, any STORE coupon can and should be matched with a Manufacturer coupon to Stack your savings. Its our way of helping you save DOUBLE!

Best Life Buttery spread is FREE this week when you use your $1 on 1 Newspaper coupon.

Eggs are FREE with store coupon when you buy 5 Pillsbury participants (use coupons on those too).

New This week! We are expanding the matching section by adding a Price Cut match up. These are items that are going to be marked Price Cut in stores. Please-use coupons with these deals to save yourself DOUBLE.


CM/Flav Deluxe Mac&Chs/Shells&Cheddar All 12-14z 10/ $10 Store Brand Savings

Chicken Of Sea Tuna or Salmon Sel 2.5-5z 10/ $10 Use mailer coupons to save $.25 on 1

Flavorite Toaster Pastries ALL 11z 10/ $10 Store Brand Savings

Healthy Choice Soups Sel 15oz 10/ $10 Use booklet coupons to save $1 on 2

Canine Carry Outs SELECT 7z 10/ $10 Excellent Price

MOM Better Oats Sel 6.15-8.1z 10/ $10 Excellent Price

Old El Paso Beans/rice/sauce/Tortilla/Shells SEL 4.5-16oz 10/ $10 Use peelie coupons to save $1 on 1 Refried Beans, or FREE seasoning.

Old Orchard Variety Blends Sel 64z 10/ $10 Watch for FREE Use hang tags to save $1 on 1 or Save $1 on 2

Palmolive Dish Liquid Sel 10 oz 10/ $10 Excellent Price

Rice-A-roni/Pasta Roni Sel 3.8-7.2z 10/ $10 Use newspaper coupons to buy 3 get 1 free

Airwick Aerosol SELECT 8z 10/ $10 Save $1 on 2

Awsome Paper Towels 8roll $4.99 Excellent Price

Betty Crocker Box Potatoes SELECT 4.5-7.6oz 10/ $10 Use peelies to save $1 on 2-there were prints up a week ago that are also available.

Big G Cereals Sel Var & Sizes 10-14oz 2/ $5 Multiple from

Bumble Bee Solid White Tuna Sel 5z 10/ $10 Use booklet coupons (Near Nabisco superbowl displays) to save $1 on 2

Bush Variety Beans Sel 15-16z 4/ $3 Excellent Price

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes Sel 35each 2/ $5 Use newspaper coupons to save $.75 on 1

Clorox Liq Bleach Sel 82-96oz $1.69 Use home mailer coupons to save $.50 on 1

County Markets/Flavorite tomato Sauce ALL 15z 5/ $3 Store Brand Savings

Doritos/Ruffles Chips All 9-14.5oz $2.99 Use tearpad coupons to save $1 on dip when buying 2 lays products

Hostess Muffins/Streusel All 4-6ct $2.49 Use newspapaer coupon to save $.75 on 1

KebZesta/Whtable/KelCrackers 48hrSale 1.49 All 4-16oz $1.99 Use tearpad coupons to save $1 on 2

Nab KraftCheeseNips All 11-12oz 3/ $5 Use newspaper coupons to save $1 on 2, or booklet coupons-in stores now to save $1 on 2

Nab Snak Saks All 8oz $1.99 Excellent Price

SarA Lee WholeGrainWhiteBread All 20oz $1.89 Use tearpad coupon to save $1 on milk when buying Sara Lee bread

Wonder Cottage Bread 20oz $.99 Excellent Price

Dial/Coast Bar Soap3pk/DialToneHandSoapLiq Sel 7.5-9.75oz $1.69 Use home mail coupons to save $.35 on 1

Flavorite Candy ALL 5.5-16z 10/ $10 Store Brand Savings

Flavorite Cereal Sel Var & Sizes 11.5-20z $1.99 Store Brand Savings

Flavorite Fruit cups ALL 4pk $1.69 Store Brand Savings

Flavorite Pasta ALL 12-16z 10/ $10 Store Brand Savings

Flavorite Pasta sauces 24z 10/ $10 Store Brand Savings

Green Giant Veggies Sel 11-15oz 10/ $10 Use newspaper coupons to save $1 on 3

Hunts Ketchup Sel 24oz 10/ $10 Excellent Price

Hunts Snack Pack Pudding/Gels Sel 4pk 10/ $10 Excellent Price

Jiffy corn muffin/pizza crust mix SELECT 6.5-8.5z 5/ $2 Excellent Price

KelloggCereal Sel sizes&varieties 11.4-19.5z 2/ $5 Save on Multiples from

Krusteaz/Ghiradelli Mixs SELECT 16.5-32z 2/ $4 Use newspaper coupons to save $1 on 2, or look for Peelies to save $.55 on 1

Mars Fun Size 8pk or King Size Candy Bars 1-8ct 10/ $10 Use newspaper coupons to Buy 2 get 1 free

Nestle Valentines coupons

Progresso Classic Soups Sel 19oz 10/ $10 Save $1 on 4 (page 2)

Super crunch pretzels/snack mix ALL 8.75-15z 10/ $10 Store Brand Savings

Uncle Bens Country Inn Rice 6oz 10/ $10 Use BLinkie's to save $.40 on 1

V8 Red Juice Sel 46oz $2.49 Use tearpad coupons to save $1 on 2 or newspaper coupons to save $1on 2 Save $1 on 2

Welchs 100% Juice variety SELECT 64z/6pk $2.99 Use newspaper coupons to save $1 on 1

Ziploc bags/containers sel 2-30ct 2/ $5 Use newspaper coupons to save $1.50 on 2, or peelies to save $1 on 2

Betty Crocker Cake Mixes Sel 18.3z 10/ $10 Use newspaper coupons to save $1 on combo of cake mix and frosting

LaChoy Soy/Teriyaki/S&S Sce/Chow Mein Noodles Sel 5-10z 10/ $10 Excellent Price

Red Gold Tomatoes SELECT 28z 10/ $10 Save $.75 on 1 Red Gold Tomatoes with Chiles '>Save $.75 on 1 with chilles, or use booklet coupons to save $.55 on 3

Swiss miss cocoa Sel 10z 10/ $10 Use Newspaper coupons to save $1 on 2

Pillsbury Grands/Crescent Rolls/Biscuits Sel 7-17.3oz 10/ $10 Multiple from

More from

Country Crock Quarters Sel 1lb 10/ $10 Save $.40 on any 1 cc product (shows spread works on sticks)

Tropicanna Juices Sel 59oz6pk 2/ $6 Look for tearpad coupons to save $1 on 2 or blinkie's to save $.55 on 1

Azteca Homestyle or Small Flour Tortilla Sel 8.5-11.6oz 10/ $10 Excellent Price

Best LifeButtery Spread Sel 15oz 10/ $10 FREE ALERT Use $1 on 1 Newspaper coupon for FREE

Blue Bunny/Weight Watchers YogurtAll 6oz 10/ $6 Excellent Price

Daisy Sour Cream 8oz 10/ $10 Excellent Price

Land O Lakes Buttery Tubs Sel 15oz 10/ $10 Use tearpad coupons to save $.45 on 1

Minute Maid Juice Singles Sel 12oz 400MI 10/ $10 Combo with B1G1FREE tearpad coupons

TonysCrspyCrustPizzas7.5"/LarryStfPotato All 9.73-10.42 10/ $10 Save $.75 on 2

Green Giant Steamers/B-I-B/Veggies All 7-12oz 10/ $10 Save $.50 on 2

Jacks 12"Org/H&H Piz sel 15-18.90 4/ $11 Use newspaper coupon to save $1 on 3

Flav Waffles/Pancakes All 12.3-16.5z 10/ $10 Store Brand Savings

CM/Flav Whipped Topping All 8oz 10/ $10 Store Brand Savings

Prairie Farms Old Recipe Ice Cream 56oz $2.99 Save $.50 on 1

Blue Bunny Personals Sel 7oz 10/ $10 Excellent Price

DiGiorno Ultimate/Stuff/Brdstck Piz sel 22.9-36.8 $5.98 Use newspaper coupons to save $1 on 1

Ginos East ThinCrust Piz All 17-19.18 3/ $10 Excellent Price

Flav Sliced Strawberries Sel 10oz $1.29 Store Brand Savings

Healthy Choice Complete Selections /Steamers Sel 10-12.3oz 4/ $11

Pillsbury VP Strudels All 23oz $3.79 Save $.50 on 2 or Save $.75 on 2 newspaper coupons More from

Valentine Exchange Cards 32ct $1.99

Valentine Party Ware 8-18ct 10/ $10


County Market /Flav OJ All - 128oz 3.99 Store Brand Savings

Flav Jumbo Biscuits All 16oz 2/ $3 Store Brand Savings

Yoplait Greek Yogurt All 6oz 10/ $10 Excellent Price

Ben & Jerrys Ice Cream Cups Sel 3.6oz 10/ $10 Excellent Price

Prairie Farms Sherbert Qrt $1.59 Excellent Price

B.C. Bowl Appetit Sel 2.4-3.1oz 10/ $10 Excellent Price

Bisquick Shake & Pour 5.1oz 10/ $10 Excellent Price

Campbells SpaghettiOs SEL-Pic Label for Educat Log 15z 4/ $3 Excellent Price

Clorox clean up spray/cleaner SELECT 32z $2.99 Save $.50 on 1 with newspaper coupon

Nab Ritz/WhtThinsTstedChips/TeddyGrahm All 8.1-10oz $2.79 Use booklet coupons to save $1 on 2

Fiber 1 Bars/Nvclusters Sel 4.1-7oz 2/ $5 In Ad coupon Buy 4, get free box of Cinnamon CHeerios. USE manufacturer coupons on the 4, then get the cereal free! Lots available from

Flavorite Broth ALL 32z $1.77 Store Brand Savings

Flavorite Noodles/Lasagna ALL 12-16z 2/ $3 Store Brand Savings

Gerber 2nd foods/Main meals SELECT 6-7oz/2pk $.89 Use home mailer coupons from Gerber

Glade Candles/SOC Refill/glass holders SELECT .5-4z $2.79 Multiple Glade

Hamb Helper Bowl Singles Sel 1.6oz 10/ $10 Excellent Price

Homelife Soft Choice Bath Tissue 12roll $5.99 Store Brand Savings

La Choy Bi-Packs or Meal Creations Sel - 21-42z $2.69 Excellent Price

Marcal Small Steps Bath Tissue or Paper Towels Sel 8-24roll $5.49 Save $1 on 1 from newspaper coupon

WholeCare Pet Dry Dog/Cat Foods ALL 15.5-20lb $9.99 Store Brand Savings

Xtra Nice N fluffy/Fresh N Soft Sheets Sel 68.75z/100 2/ $5 Store Brand Savings

Prairie Farms Yogurt All 48Hr Sale 6oz $.29 Excellent Price

Stouffer HmstyleClassic,FrnchBrdPizza,SmpleDishes 6-20oz 6/ $10 Excellent Price

CM/Flav Peanut butter ALL.99 2Day Sale L-2- 18z $1.69 Store Brand Savings

Welchs Grape Jelly/JamSel 2daySale $.99L-2 18.8-32z $1.79
In Ad Manufacturer's Coupon- Save $1 on 2 - Get 2 for 98¢

Xtra Liq Laundry Sel 48hrsl 1.79 L-2 75z 2/ $5 Stockpile Price

1/4 Sheet Texas Sheet Cakes each $3.99 Yummy Valentines treat!

Brach's Conversation Hearts 8oz $.79 Fun Candy!

Russell Stover Decorative Hearts 6.25-14oz $6.99 Excellent Price

Brach's Jelly Candy 8.25-12oz $.99 Excellent Price

Andes Crème De Menthe 4.67oz 4/$5 Excellent Price

Hershey Miniatures & Kisses- select varieties 7.2-11oz $2.69 Save $1 on 2 with newspaper coupon

NEW Price Cut Matches-This is a new feature of the blog. I'll be listing items not advertised but will be on sale for good coupon matches.

Valentines Heart Cakes each $5.99
24ct Valentines Cupcakes 24ct $14.99
2pk Texas Sheet Cake 2 10/$10
Iced Cookies 10ct $3.99
Sweet French Bread 2ct $1.99
6" Fathers Table Cheesecakes $4.99
Baguettes Bread $1.99

Kretschmar Roast Beef lb $8.99
Honeysuckle Turkey lb $5.99
Shullsburg Provolone Cheese lb $5.49
Spoon River Signatur Potato Salad lb $2.99
EDFV Soup 12oz $2.49
EDFV Soup 16oz $2.99
EDFV Soup 32oz $4.99
Jumbo Chicken Legs each 10/$10

BarSJumboFranks/BunLength 16oz 10/ $10
Corn King Bacon Sel 1lb $3.19
FarmlandRoll/Link SausageSel 12-16oz $1.99
FarmlandRopeSausageSel 14-16z 2/ $6
HealthyOneZipPk/EckrichMeatsSel 10oz 2/ $5
JohnsonvilleBratsSel 13.5-16oz $3.29
JustBareChickenDrumsticks 20oz $2.69
TysonBaggedFavortesSel 25.5-29oz $5.99
TysonPremCornishHenSingleSel 22oz 2/ $6
Supreme Choice IQF Catfish Fillets 1 lb $4.69
Supreme Choice 71x90 ct T-Off Shrimp 1 lb $5.99

FP = Dole Classic Iceberg Lettuce 12 oz 10/$10
GG Mini Peeled Carrots 1 lb 10/$10
WA Red Delicious Apples lb $1.19
WA Golden Delicious Apples lb $1.19
WA Granny Smith Apples lb $1.19
WA Braeburn Apples lb $1.19
OTV Red Cluster Tomatoes lb $1.99
Farmstand Red Potatoes 5 lb 2/$5
Red Seedless Grapes lb $1.69
Green Seedless Grapes lb $1.69
Cantaloupe ct $2.99
Golden Pineapple ct $2.99
Starburst on FP w/ Salad - Fresh Gourmet Croutons 5 oz 10/$10
CA (Non-Sunkist) Navels - Limit 2 4 lb $1.88

Fresh Meat
FP = Poultry, VP Split Chicken Breast Wgt 1.00
Poultry, VP Split Chicken Breast STUFFED Wgt 1.30
Beef, 80% Lean Ground Chuck VP Wgt 2.69
Beef, RL Boneless Rib Eye Steak 8 oz - Surf & Turf Ea 4.50
Beef, RL Boneless Arm Roast Wgt 3.19
Beef, RL Boneless Arm Steak VP Wgt 3.39
Beef, RL Sirloin Hotel Steaks - EDFV Wgt 3.99
Pork, Pork Top Loin Chops Boneless VP Wgt 2.99
Pork, Pork Loin Roast Boneless - Roast of the Week Wgt 2.79
Beef, Pre Cooked Sliced Prime Rib Steak Wgt 7.99
Seafood, Farm Raised Whole Catfish VP Wgt 3.19
Seafood, Fresh Salmon Fillets Wgt 8.99
Seafood, Lobster Tails 7 oz - Surf & Turf Ea 9.99

48 Hour Sale - Friday/Saturday
Whole Boneless Pork Loin - Limit 1 Lb $1.88

Butcher Shop
SM, Choice Boneless Ribeye Steak 8 oz Ea 5.00
SM, Marinated Ribs on a Stick Lb 3.49

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