Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Coupon Match up County Market 2/23

Brooks Chili Beans Sel 15.5oz $.59 Stockpile Price

County Market/Flavorite/Cub apple juice ALL 64z $1.49 Store Brand Savings

Del Monte Veggies Var Sel 11-16oz 4/$3 Excellent Price

Duncan Hines Brownies SELECT 19.2-19.95 $.88 Save $.50 on 1 ss (Print 2x)

Starkist Chunk Light Tuna SELECT 5z 2/$1 Stockpile Price

Campbells Family Size Soups Sel 26oz 2/$3 Save $1 on 2 Campbell' Bricks Print 2x

Chex/Bugles/cheerios Snacks Sel 6-8.75oz $1.79 Save $.50 on 2 (page loads in 5 seconds)

Coffeemate Sel 16oz $2.49 Save $.75 on 1

County Market /Flav/Cub flour All 5lb $1.49 Store Brand Savings

County Market Cream SoupsSel 10.5oz $.79 Store Brand Savings

County Market/Flav Applesauce All 48-50oz $1.79 Store Brand Savings

Hostess SnackCakes sel 8-10ct $2.49 Use newspaper coupon to save $.75 on 1

Ruffles/TostitosChips/Tostitos Salsa All 9-15.6oz $2.99 Use newspaper coupons to save $.55 on 1

Wonder Smart White/Wheat Bread 20oz $1.69 Excellent Price

CheezIt/KelFruitSnack/KelRiceKrspyTreat/BarsSel 6.2-10.8oz $1.99 Use booklet coupons to save $1 on 2

Del Monte Plastic Fruit Cups Sel 4pk 2/ $4 Use coupons inside packages to save $1 on 2

Flav Quick Oats All 42oz $1.99 Store Brand Savings

Flavorite Pasta Side Dishes All 4-5.7oz $.88 Store Brand Savings

Gatorade Sel 8pk $4.99 Excellent Price

Hefty Trash Bags Sel 16-80ct $4.99 Use newspaper coupons to save $.55 on 1, or find peelies on select boxes to save $1 on 1

Homelife Bleach All 96oz $1.29 Store Brand Savings

Juicy Juice Reg or Slim Packs Sel 8pk/64oz $2.69 Excellent Price: Other savings to consider:

Save $1 on 4 pack of sprakling
Save $1 on any Juicy Juice 6 pack

Keebler Pie Crust SELECT 4-6oz $1.59 Excellent Price

Kelloggs Cereal Sel Var & Sizes 10.8-25.5z 2/ $5 Multiples

McCormick Chili Seasonings Sel 1.25z 4/ $3 Excellent Price

N.V. Granola bars/thins Sel 6-8.9oz 2/ $5 Use newspaper coupons to save $.50 on 2

Progresso R&H,Traditional,WorldRecipe SoupsSel 18.5-19oz 3/ $4 Use newspaper coupons to save $50 on 2

Propel Sel 6pk 2/ $5 Look for peelies to save $2.50 on 2

Purex Liq Laundry Detergent Sel 44-50oz $2.69 Excellent Price

Quaker Quakes or Mini Delights Sel 4.2-7.04oz $2.49 Excellent Price

Ragu Pasta Sauce SELECT 45z $2.49 Use newspaper coupons to save $1.25 on 3

Soft Scrub Liq/Gel/Spray Sel 23-26oz $2.49 Two offers: B1G1 Free requires sign up, and Save $.75 on 1 Bricks 2x

Wesson Cooking Oils SELECT 48z $3.49 Excellent Price

Wolf Chili SELECT 15z 4/ $5 Use newspaper coupons to save $.75 on 2

County Market/Flav Oyster Cracker All 12oz $.99 Store Brand Savings

Duncan Hines Cake Mix SELECT 18.25z $.88 Excellent Price

Flav Pancake Mix / syrup All 24-32oz $1.69 Store Brand Savings

Hunts Tomatoes/sauce SELECT 28-29z $1.49 Excellent Price

Borden Cheese Shreds/Chunks/Slices/Singles All 5-12oz $1.88 Save $1 on 1 HOT DEAL This is a PDF, can print as many as you need.

Kraft Shredded and Chunk Cheese 6.4-9.6oz $1.88 Use newspaper coupons or peelies to save $1 on 2

Yoplait Light or Custard Yogurt All 6oz $.39 Use newspaper coupons to save $1 on 6

Florida OJ/Grapefruit Jc Sel 59oz $2.99 Excellent Price

Pillsbury Crescent/CinnRolls/Breads Sel 8-13.9 $1.69 Save $.50 on 2

Praire Farms Choc/Strwbry Milk All 1/2gal $1.77 Exellent Price

Country Crock Bowls or Tubs Sel 15oz $1.79 Use newspaper coupons to save $1 on 2

Dannon Fruit on the Bottom/Light/Reg Yogurt All 6oz 10/ $6 Save $1 on 2 with newspaper coupon

Praire Farms SourCream/Onion/Ranch Dip All 8oz $.99 Save $.35 on 1

International Delight Sel 16oz $1.69 Save $1 on 2

Nestle Cookie Dough Sel 15.5-16.5z $2.69 Use newspaper coupons to save $1 on 1

Sunny Delight All 64oz $1.59 Use newspaper coupon to save $.25 on 1

YoCrunch Yogurt All 6oz 3/$2 Excellent Price

Cm Pizza All 16.5-19.7 5/ $10 Store Brand Savings

New York texas toast/dip n sticks SELECT 10-13.5z 2/ $5 Use booklet coupons to save $1 on 2

Prairie Farms Ice Cream Squares ALL 1/2gal $3.29 Excellent Price

County Market/Flav Family Size Veg All 32oz $1.88 Store Brand Savings

RedBaron Pizzas Sel 7.48-23oz 3/ $10 Use newspaper coupon to save $.75 on 1

Edys IceCrm,Yogurt or Sherbet All 48oz $3.59 Excellent Price

EdysDibs/EskmPBrs/NstDrmstk/PshupICSand sel 4-60ct 2/ $7 Excellent Price

HomeRunInn 12"Class/Signat Piz sel 27-34oz 2/ $12 Excellent Price

Nestle Family Drumstick sel 8pk $6.19 Excellent Price

Flav Blueberries/Rasberries All 12-16oz $2.99 Store Brand Savings

North star Ice cream sandwiches SELECT 12pk $3.59 Store Brand Savings

Wetspac Veg Blends All 16oz 3/ $5 Excellent Price


Colgate Toothpaste sel 6.4oz 2/ $4 Use newspaper coupons to Save $.75 on 1

Equaline Calcium sel 144-192ct $2.99 Store Brand Savings

Homelife AA or AAA Batteries 12pk $2.99 Excellent Price

Wet Ones sel 40ct $1.99 Excellent Price

Price Cut Specials

These are specials in stores, that are not advertised in the main weekly flier. These are good for 4 weeks! February 21-March 20. Many have coupons that match now, and I'll add more as they match future newspaper insertions etc. You'll find LOTS of store brand sales that couldn't fit into the weekly listing. I've highlighted a few deals in Red that indicate exceptional pricing.

Frigo Ricotta Chse sel 15oz $1.99 Use newspaper coupon to save $.50 on 1
FrigoStringChse sel 12oz $3.79 Save $1 on 1
Smart Balance Buttery Spread 45oz $6.29 Save $1 on 2 (page 5)
Sun Maid Mini Raisins 14ct $1.89 Excellent Price
Flav Manadrin Oranges 11oz $.69 Store Brand Savings
Oretega Grande Taco DinnerKit 21.3oz $3.99 Use newspaper coupon to save $.50 on 2
Mr.Dells Hash Browns/OBrien Hash Browns 24-30oz $2.69 Excellent Price
Wonder Eglsh/SrdghMuffin/Raisn/CinnBrd 6ct-16oz 2/ $3 Excellent Price
Country Kitchen Reg Syrup 24oz $1.99 Excellent Price
Welchs Strawbry Sprd 32oz $2.69 Excellent Price
Ovaltine RichChoc/ChocMalt/ClassicMalt 12oz $2.99
Keb Zesta Org/Wheat Crackers 16oz $1.79 Use tearpad coupons to save $1 on 2
Brooks Orig/Mild Shili Seasoning 1.25oz $.97 Excellent Price
BrooksJstForChili Tmatoes sel 1.25-14.5 $.97 Excellent Price
Fisher DryRstd/LowSalt/HnyRstdPnuts 14oz $2.69 Use newspaper coupon to save $.75 on 1
Homelife WhisperSoftFacial Tissue 3pk $4.69 Store Brand Savings
Pedigree Wet Canned Dog Food sel 13.2oz $.69 Excellent Price
Whiskas Dry Cat Food 3.3 $3.99 Use newspaper coupons to save $1 on 2
Bays Org/Sourdgh English Muffin 6ct $2.09 Excellent Price
Dole Blends Juice sel 64oz $2.78 Excellent Price
Flav Texas StyleHmestyl/ButtrmilkBiscuits 12oz $.89 Store Brand Savings
Reddi Wip sel 6.5-7oz $2.59 Use booklet coupons to save $1 on 2
Banquet Pot/Fruit Pies sel 7oz 3/ $2 Use ALL you coupon to b3g1 Free, combo with booklet coupons to save $1 on 4 or newspaper coupons to save $.40 on 2
Coles Garlic Mini Loaf 8oz $1.58 Use freezer door coupons to save $.50 on 2
Culinary Circle Carmel Apple Blossoms 8oz $2.89 Store Brand Savings
Culinary Circle Choc Molton Cake 12.4oz $5.79 Store Brand Savings
Flav Baby Lima Beans 16oz $1.89 Store Brand Savings
Flav Broc Florets 14oz $1.69 Store Brand Savings
Flav Brussell Sprouts 16oz $1.79Store Brand Savings
Flav garlic Brd/Brdstcks 10.5-16oz $2.29Store Brand Savings
Flav Peas&Carrots/CrinklCarrots 16oz $1.39Store Brand Savings
Flav Spinach 16oz $1.59Store Brand Savings
Flav Whole Baby Carrots 16oz $1.79Store Brand Savings
Freshetta BrckovNatRisFlatBrdCalifStylePiz sel 12.5-28.01 2/ $11 Save $1 on 1 bricks 2x
Freshetta PizzaMore sel 21.25-24.6 2/ $11 Save $1 on 1 bricks 2x
Jose Ole Taquitos/Quesad/Mini Taco sel 16-22.5 $5.39 Save $1 on 1 ss
Rhodes White Dinner Rolls 16oz $1.59 Use newspaper coupons to save $1 on 1
Rhodes White/WheatBrdDough 3pk 16oz $3.09 Use newspaper coupons to save $1 on 1
A&H SuperScoopCatLitterScented/Unscented 14lb $5.99 Save $1 on 1
Ajax Dish liquid sel 34oz $1.99 Use hangtags to save $.55 on 1
Armour VenniaSausage/BBQ 5oz $.59 Use home mailer coupon to save $.25 on 1
Brooks Chili Beans Mild/Hot 40oz $2.19 Exscellent Price
Brooks Hot/Mild Chili Beans/Chili Mix 30.5 $1.77 Excellent Price
Calrita Enchilada Red Sauce 15oz $1.29Store Brand Savings
Carlita Enchilada Green Sauce 15oz $1.49Store Brand Savings
Carlita Green Chilis diced 12oz $.89Store Brand Savings
Carlita Jalapeno Diced 12oz $.79Store Brand Savings
Carlita Jalapenos Sliced 12oz $1.79Store Brand Savings
Carlita Mild/Med Taco/Picante Sauce 16oz $1.69Store Brand Savings
Carlita Nacho/Bean Dip 9oz $1.49Store Brand Savings
Carlita Whole Green Chilis 4oz $.89Store Brand Savings
Clamato Tomato Cocktail Juice 32oz $2.49 Excellent Price
CM Micro Mac & Cheese 12.9 $2.59Store Brand Savings
CM/Flav PntButter Crmy/Chunky 28oz $2.89Store Brand Savings
CM/Flav Strawbry Preserves 32oz $3.09Store Brand Savings
Crisco ExtraVirgin/PureOliveOil 16.9 $5.09 Use newspaper coupon to save $1 on 1
Flav Brownie Mix Pouch 10.25 $.88Store Brand Savings
Flav Canned Chkn Breast 10oz 2/ $5Store Brand Savings
Flav Chili No Beans 15oz $1.39Store Brand Savings
Flav Chili w/Beans 15oz $1.09Store Brand Savings
Flav Chunk Tuna in Water 5oz $.79Store Brand Savings
Flav Chunky Soup sel 19oz $1.59Store Brand Savings
Flav Classic Roast Coffee 34.5oz $7.89Store Brand Savings
Flav Corn Muffin Mix 7.5oz 3/ $.99Store Brand Savings
Flav Creamer Irish Crème/FrchVan/Hazelnut 8oz $1.89Store Brand Savings
Flav Fast Mac Cup Org/TrpleCheese 2.05oz $.69Store Brand Savings
Flav Great Northern Beans 16oz $.79Store Brand Savings
Flav Honey Bear 12oz $2.79Store Brand Savings
Flav Honey Rstd Peanuts 10oz $2.39Store Brand Savings
Flav Hot Cocoa Mix SF 10oz $1.69Store Brand Savings
Flav Hot Cocoa Mix/wMarsh 10oz $1.49Store Brand Savings
Flav Micro Mac & Cheese 12.9oz $2.59Store Brand Savings
Flav Microwave Popcorn sel 8.7-9.9 $1.39Store Brand Savings
Flav Onion/NoodleSoup Mix 2oz $.89Store Brand Savings
Flav Peanuts sel 12oz $1.89Store Brand Savings
Flav Pineapple Chnk/Crushd/Sliced 20oz $1.09Store Brand Savings
Flav Pink Salmon 14.75 $2.69Store Brand Savings
Flav Red Salmon 14.75 $5.49Store Brand Savings
Flav Rice Mix sel 6.2-6.9 $1.09Store Brand Savings
Flav Ripe Olives Sliced/Choppd 2.25-4.25 $1.09Store Brand Savings
HH Whole Wheat Lasagna 13.25 oz. $2.29Store Brand Savings
Homelife Firelog 2 Hr 1ct $1.89Store Brand Savings
Homelife Firelog 3Hr 1ct $2.59Store Brand Savings
Homelife Firestarter 4pk $1.89Store Brand Savings
Homelife Soft Choice DblRoll /Dbl Ultra Roll 4 Roll $2.89Store Brand Savings
Hungry Jack syrup Org/Butter/Lite 26.6 $2.89 Use tearpad coupons to save $1 on 2
Log Cabin Reg Syrup 24oz $3.27 Use hangtag coupons to save $.55 on 1
Mazola Corn Oil 48oz $4.89 Excellent Price
Mrs. Weis Kulski Noodles 16 oz. $2.29 Excellent Price
Plochmans Yellow Mustard 19oz $1.79 Use home mailer to save $.25 on 1
Sunsweet Chopd/PittdDates Bag 8oz $2.39 Save $.75 on 1 ss
Sunsweet Pittd Prunes/BiteSz Prunes 9oz $1.99 Save $.75 on 1 ss
Sunsweet Pitted Can Dates 10oz $3.19 Excellent Price
Sunsweet Prune Juice Bottle 48oz $3.09 Save $.75 on 1 ss print 2x
Tasters Choice sel 1.45-1.55 $3.19 Save $1 on 1
Welchs RedRaspbry/Strawbry Squeeze 22oz $2.79 Excellent Price
ArmourEchkrichLunchFunkits Sel 11.6oz $2.09 Excellent Price
BobEvansSnglSrvPot/Mac/Stfg/veg Sel 6-24oz $3.29 Save $1 on 2
Buddig Deli Cuts Sel 3-4z 4/ $5 Use newspaper coupons to save $1 on 2
Buddig Meats Sel 2oz 3/ $2 Use newspaper coupons to save $1 on 2
Butterball Fried Turkey Sel 8oz 2/ $5 Use All You coupon to save $2 on 1, or newspaper coupon to save $1 on 1
ButterballTurkeyBacon Sel 12oz $2.19 Excellent Price
Echrich Cocktail Smokies Sel 14oz 2/ $5 Use home mailer coupon to save $.55 on 1
Eckrich ReadyCrispBacon 1.9oz 2/ $5 Use home mailer to save $.55 on 1
EckrichLunchmtWellPaks/VarSel 14oz 2/ $5 Excellent Price

Farmland Chs/Beef Franks 1lb $2.99 Excellent Price
FarmlandLink/Roll Sausage Sel 12oz12-16z $1.99 Use newspaper coupons to save $.55 on 1, or $1 on 2
Foster Farm Corndogs 29oz $5.99 Use home mailer coupon to save $.50 on 1
Fricks Nat Chub Braunschweiger Sel 1lb $2.39 Excellent Price
Hormel A/T Pork ShoulderRoastSel 1.5lb $4.49 Excellent Price
Hormel Bone-In&Bonls Chops 7.5-15z $3.99 Excellent Price
LandOfFrostShavedliMeatsSel 8oz 2/ $5 Use newspaper coupon to save $.55 on 1
Land Of Frost Premium Ham Sel 1lb $4.79 Use newspaper coupons to save $.55 on 1
LouisKempCrab/LobstrDelight 8oz $1.99 Use home mailer to save $1 on 1
OldWisBeef/Turkey Bites Sel 8oz $3.99 Look for hangtags to Buy 2, save $2 on Deli
OldWisSmrSausage20z Sel 20oz $6.49 Use hantags to stack coupons in Deli, Bakery Or Meat departments.
OldWisSmrSausage9z 9oz $2.99 Buy 2 save $2 in Deli, Bakery or Meat with hantag

County Market/Flav Jumbo Cinn Rolls All - 16.9oz $1.99 Store Brand Savings

County Market/Flav Veg Spread Bowl All - 45oz $1.99 Store Brand Savings

Flav Cooking Spray Sel 6oz 2/ $3 Store Brand Savings

Flav Seasoning /Gravy Mixes All .75-1.75oz 2/ $1 Store Brand Savings

McCormick Grinders SELECT .77-2.12z $1.49 Excellent Price

WholeCare Pet Can Dog or Cat Food All 5.5oz 2/ $1 Store Brand Savings

Eckrich Franks/BoloSel 16oz 2/ 3
Hormel A/T Tenderloin Sel 1.15 6.49
HormlFulyCkdEntree/LloydsWoodfrPldSel 12-17z 4.99
LineCountryCrockHmstle/GrlcMashedPotSel 24oz 2.79
JustBareChikBonlssSknlssChkBrst 14oz 4.49
Jville ItalianSausageSel 19.84 oz 3.99 Use newspaper coupon to save $.50 on 1
Line JvilleItalianGroundSausagSel 16oz 2.99
SupremeChc Cod/Perch Fillets 1 4.49
SuprmChc 41x50 Ckd Shrimp 1 6.99
Tyson Boxed ChickenSel 10-13.25oz 2/ 6
TysonPremiumHckryBaconReg-Thkl 16oz 4.59
Line Tyson FllyCkd Prm Bacon 2.2oz 3.19

Twin French 2ct $1.99
Funsize Cookies 22ct $3.99
Granny Cakes each $3.49
Pugliese Round Artisan Bread loaf $1.49

Kretschmar Turkey or Chicken off the Bone lb $7.49
Eckrich Honey or VA Ham lb $6.49
Shullsburg American Cheese lb $3.99
Chester 12pc Chicken 12ct $10.99
EDFV Slow Roaster Sandwiches each $3.69

FP = Asparagus lb $1.49
Idaho Baking Potatoes lb $0.79
US#1 Yams lb $0.79
Dole Greener Selection 12 oz $1.77
Dole Classic Romaine 9 oz $1.77
New Star Cooking with Spinach 1 lb $1.99
B Size Red Potatoes 3 lb 2/4.00
Yellow Onions 3 lb 2/4.00
Grapefruit 3 lb 2/3.00
Strawberries 1 lb 2/6.00
Cantaloupe Each $2.99

Fresh Meat
FP = Poultry, 10# Leg Quarters Ea $4.90
FP = Pork, Pork Shoulder Steak VP Wgt $1.77
Poultry, Whole Frying Chicken Wgt $0.98
Poultry, Whole Frying Chicken STUFFED Wgt $1.28
Beef, 80% Lean Ground Chuck VP Wgt $2.69
Beef, RL Top Sirloin Fillet VP Wgt $3.99
Beef, RL Boneless Chuck Roast Wgt $3.29
Beef, RL Boneless Chuck Steak VP Wgt $3.49
Beef, RL Sirloin Tip Steak VP Wgt $3.69
Beef, RL Beef Stew Meat VP Wgt $3.69
Pork, Pork Shoulder Western Style Ribs VP Wgt $1.99
Oven Ready Mom's Meatloaf Wgt $2.99
Seafood, Tilapia Fillets Wgt $6.99
Seafood, Farm Raised Catfish Nuggets VP Wgt $1.79
Line - Seafood, Breaded Catfish Nuggets VP Wgt $1.99
Seafood, Snow Crab Clusters Wgt $7.99

Butcher Shop
SM, Choice Boneless NY Steak 8 oz Ea $4.50
SM, Twice Baked Broccoli Cheddar Potato USA Ea $1.50
SM, Twice Baked Cheeseburger Potato Ea $1.50
SM, Twice Baked Potato Bacon Mjack Ea $1.50
SM, Twice Baked Potatoes Ea $1.50
SM, Twice Baked Sour Cream & Chive Potato Ea $1.50

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