Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Coupon Match up County Market 2/2

It's a big week for Newspaper coupon savings. Many matches to last Sunday's paper. There are several clippable Kraft coupons on the special weekly gate section. There are also quite a few store brand deals this week. Of course, we also have the Superbowl savings matches. Look for booklet coupons, and tearpads throughout the store.

Reminder to Quincy Coupon users: Extreme Couponing Class Satruday Feb 5th at 9am at the 48th and Broadway store. Hope to see lots of you there!

Campbells Tomato or Chicken Noodle Soups Sel 10.75oz 2/$1 Stock Pile Price

Chili Man Chili All 15oz 4/$3 Excellent Price

CM/Flav Tomato Juice 46oz $.88 Store Brand Savings

County Market/Flav/Cub Vegetables All 13.5-15.5z 10/$5Store Brand Savings

Lays Chips sel 10.5-11oz $1.88 Look for Coors coupons: Save $5 on 3 or $1 on 2 MO only.

Del Monte Major Fruit SELECT 14.25-15.2 10/$10 Excellent Price

Heinz Ketchup Sel 40oz $1.69 Excellent Price

Hunts /Rotel Tomatoes Sel 10-14.5oz 4/$3 Save $1 on 1 Rotel plus 1 Velveet with booklet coupons from Kraft

M&M Variety SELECT 11.4-14z $2.39 Use newspaper coupons to save $1.50 on 2

BettyCrocker Box Muffin or Dessert Bar Mixes Sel 12.9-21.5z 2/$4 There are a FEW peelies for $1 on 1, look on the Fiber One mixes, good for all Muffin mixes.

Bush Baked Beans Sel 16oz 5/$5 Excellent Price

Chef boyardee Canned Pasta or MW Bowls SELECT 7.5-15z 5/$5 Use newspaper coupons to save $1 on 3 stack with tearpad coupons to B3G1 FREE.

County Market/Flav Applesauce All 6pk 2/$3 Store Brand Savings

County Market/Flav Applesauce All 24-25oz $.99 Store Brand Savings

ChezIt/KebClbCrcker/Sandies sel 9.75-16oz 2/$5 Use booklet coupons to save $2 on 2, Use Sandies Tearpad coupon to save $1 on Milk when buying 2

DoritosFAMSz/Tostitos/TostSalsa/Dip sel 14.5-24 2/$7 Stack coupons: Save $1 on 2 Tostitos coupons and use FREE Dip coupon when buying 2 Tostitos. These are both Peelies.

Nabisco Ritz/Crackerfuls/SnackCrackersSel 5.5-16oz 2 /$5 There are ways to stack here: Use Booklet coupons for Superbowl to save $1 on 2, Stack with other tearpad coupons to save $1 on Kraft Cheese when Buying 2, also can stack with Coke coupon to save $1 when buying Coke, Planters (on sale this week, and there are tearpads for save $1 on 2), and Ritz. There are TONS of these stackables out for Superbowl week, use as many as you can! or you can also use the In Ad Coupon - Buy 2 get $1 off - 2/$4 with Coupon

Dinty Moore Beef Stew/SPAM ALL 12-24z 2/$5 Use tearpad coupon to save $1.50 on 3

Flav Cranberry Juice All 64oz $1.99 Store Brand Savings

Hormel chili w/beans ALL 15z 10/$10 Save $.55 on 2 or Use tearpad coupon to save $1.50 on 3

Hunts Spaghetti Sauce Sel 26oz 4/$4 Excellent Price

Mario Olives Sel 5.75-6oz 4/$5 Excellent Price

Mt. Olive Pickles All 16-24oz 2/$4 Use hangtags to save $1 on 2 or Newspaper coupons to save $.50 on 1

Ortega salsa/shells/taco sauce 5.8-16z 2/$3 Use tearpad coupons to save $1 on 2

Prego Pasta Sauce Sel 24oz 3/$5 Use newspaper coupon to save $.60 on 3

Pringles Sel 5.71-6.73z 2/$3 Use newspaper coupon to save $1 on 3

Shopers Value Chips or Pretzels Sel 9-10oz $1.39 Store Brand Savings

Rileys Chillers 8oz 10/ $3 Excellent Price

Super Chill Soda All 2ltrs $.69 Store Brand Savings

Super Crunch Tortilla Chips 12oz 3/ $4 Store Brand Savings

Swanson Canned Chicken Sel 4.5oz 2/$3 Excellent Price

Van Camps Pork N Beans 15oz 2/$1 Excellent Price

Brooks Chili Beans Sel 15.5oz 5/$4 Excellent Price

Campbells Chunky Soups Sel 18-18.6oz 4/$5 Save $1 on 2

County Market/Flav Mushrooms Pcs & Stems All 4oz 2/ $.88 Store Brand Savings

Del Monte Canned Pineapple SELECT 20z 5/$4 Excellent Price

Hunts Manwich SELECT 15.5z 5/$4 Excellent Price

Big G Chex Cereal Sel Var & Sizes 12.8-14oz 2/ $4 Use newspaper coupons to save $1 on 2

Chicken of the Sea Tuna/ Sardines SELECT 3.75-5z 3/ $2 Use home mailer coupon to save $.25 on 1

Dove Hearts Sel 7-8.87oz $3.49 Excellent Price

Fancy Feast Cat Food Sel 3oz 10/ $5 Use newspaper coupons to save $1 on 6 or newspaper coupons to save $1 on 15

Home Life Bag Storage/Freezer Qt/Gal 30-50ct 2/$ 5 Store Brand Savings

Hunts Tomato Sauce Sel 8oz 5/$2 Excellent Price

Kelloggs Kids Cereals Sel Var & Sizes 17-24oz $2.99 Multiples from Kelloggs

Lawrys Marinade Sel 12oz $1.49 Excellent Price

Mars Miniatures Candy SELECT 9-13z $2.99 Use newspaper coupons to save $1 on 1

Mccormick Bag n Seasonings Sel .81-1.37oz 2/ $2 Excellent Price

Orville Microwave Popcorn SELECT 2-4pk $1.79 Use Blinkie's to save $.40 on 1, stack with $1 on 2 Liter soda(also on sale) coupons found inside marked boxes!

Pace Picante Salsa Sel 16oz $1.99 Use $.50 on 2 newspaper coupons, OR look for peelies on boxes of rice for $1 on 1 Pace Salsa

Quaker Jumbo Cap n Crunch/Life Cereal SelVar&Sizes 20.7-22z 2/$5 Use newspaper coupons to save $1 on 1

S & W Canned Beans All 15-15.5oz 2/$1 Excellent Price

County Market/Flav Biscuits All - Don’t Pic Flav 7.5oz $.39 Store Brand Savings

PF OJ All - 1/2gal $2.39 Use newspaper coupons to save $.40 on 1

Flav Marg Spread Qrtrs All 16oz $.59 Store Brand Savings

HomeRunInn 6"Classic/ThinCrstPizza All 4-9oz 4/ $11 Excellent Price

Flav OJ All 12oz 2/ $3 Excellent Price

Jose Ole Mini Taco/Taquitos/Quesadillas All 16-22.5oz $4.99 Save $1 on 1

Carlita Salsa All 16oz $1.69 Store Brand Savings

County Market/Flav Oil All - 128oz $5.99 Store Brand Savings

Glad Mid Count Trash Bags Sel 12-35ct $3.99 Look for Peelies to save $.55 on 1 (say "On this box" will work on any Glad)

La Choy Water Chestnuts Sel 8oz 5/ $4 Excellent Price

Lawrys Seasoned Salt 16oz $1.99 Excellent Price

McCormick Seasonings Sel 1-1.62oz 4/ $3 Use newspaper coupons to save $.50 on 1

Propel SELECT 710ml 5/ $4 Excellent Price

Whole Care Pet Scopable Cat Litter All 2lb $4.99 Store Brand Savings


There are IN AD coupons from the manufacturer. Should you wish to stock up and buy MORE you'll need to use additional coupons, Stock up and save!

Kraft Dressings SELECT 14-16z 2/ $4 Use tearpad coupons to save $1 on Produce when buying 2

KraftMiracle Whip/Mayo SELECT 22-30z $2.99
In Ad Manufacturer Coupon - $1 off Purchase of 1 - $1.99 with Coupon or Use Tearpad coupons to save $1 on 1

Planters Peanuts Sel 6-16z 2/ $4 Use tearpad coupons to save $1 on 2

Kraft Singles 12oz 2/ $4 Save $1 on 1
In Ad Manufacturer Coupon - $1 of the Purchase of 2 - 2/$3 with Coupon

KraftShreds/Crmbles/sticks/crkrCut/Chnk Cheese Sel 5-9.6oz 2/ $4
In Ad Manufacturer Coupon - Buy 2 Shred or Chunk get $1 off - 2/$3 with Coupon Or use Booklet coupons to save $1 on 2

Praire Farms SourCrm/Dip All 16oz $1.29 Use newspaper coupon to buy 3 Dips get 1 FREE.

Shullsburg Colby/Mild/HotPeppr/ColbyJackCheese lb/RW $3.59 Excellent Price

Flav B & B Choc Chip Cookie Dough All 16oz $1.99 Store Brand Savings

Kraft Philly Brick Sel 8oz $1.29 Use booklet coupons from Kraft/Nabisco Superbowl displays to save $1 on 2

Coffeemate Chilled All 32oz $3.29 Use hangtag coupons to save $1 on 1

Daisy Sour Cream Sel 24oz $2.79 Excellent Price

Frigo Ricotta Cheese All 15oz $1.99 Use newspaper coupons to save $.50 on 1

Jell-O Pudding/ Gelatin RTE All 2-6pk $2.79
Save $1 on 2

YoPlait Fridge Pack Sel 8ct $3.99 Excellent Price

YoPlait Go Gurt /Kids pack/Smoothie/Orig All 4-6pk-7.6z $2.19 Use newspaper coupons to save $.75 on 2

Tombstone Pizzas Sel 15.5-29.5 4/$ 10 Excellent Price

Blue Bunny Premium Ice Cream All 56oz $3.59 Use tearpad coupons or home mailers coupons to save $.55 on 1

Nicks Pizza All 12.6-14.3 5/ $11 Excellent Price

Stouffers Family Style Entrees Sel 57-96oz $10.99
Save $1 on 1 (sign up bottom of page)

Wetspac Frozen Basic Vegetables/Meal Starters All 14-16oz $.99 Excellent Price

Totinos Pizza Rolls All 40ct 4/ $10 Use newspaper coupons to save $.40 on 1

Aunt Jemima Breakfast Entrees/Waffles Sel 5.25-12.3z 4/ $5 Use coupons from inside boxes to save $2 on 2

Bagel Bites 7oz 2/ $3 Use magazine coupons to save $1 on 1

HomeRunInn 12"Classic/SignaturePiz sel 27-34oz 2/ $12 Excellent Price

SkinnyCowICSandwch/Cone/Bars sel 4-12pk $4.29 Excellent Price

North Star Old Fashioned Cones Sel 6pk $3.29 Store Brand Savings

NY Garlic Toast & Brdstcks Sel 10.5-12oz $2.19 Use newspaper coupons to save $.50 on 1

Ore-Ida Potatoes / Onion Rings Sel 16-32oz 2/ $6 Excellent Price

Prairie Farms Ice Cream Pails All 1gal $5.69 Use newspaper coupons to save $.40 on 1

Swanson Hungryman Dinners All 13.1-17oz 4/ $10 Excellent Price

TGI Fridays Appetizers Sel 7.6-14oz 4/ $10 Use peelies to save $1 on 1

Thats Dinner Ravioli/Tortelini All 43oz $7.99 Excellent Price


Energizer Batteries sel 2-10pk $4.79
Rebate form to print, save $15 on $50 purchase of Energizer, use coupons too to save $1 on 1

Huggies Baby Wipes sel 184-216ct $5.49
Save $2 on 3

Playtex Hand Saver Gloves Med/Large 1ea $1.19 Excellent Price

Q-Tips Cotton Swabs 500ct $2.69 Use newspaper coupons to save $.30 on 1

Eckrich Hard Salami lb $5.99
Kretschmar Brown Sugar Ham lb $6.99
EDFV Slow Roasters Turkey Breast lb $6.99
EDFV Slow Roasters Ham lb $5.99
EDFV Slow Roasters Roast Beef lb $7.49
Chester 12pc Fried Chicken 12pc $10.99
Shullsburg Colby or Colby Jack Cheese lb $5.49
Slow Roaster Meatballs lb $3.99
EDFV Party Trays each $9.99
Signature Spreads - ham and green onion or pimento cheese e12oz $4.49
Signature spreads - other varieties 12oz $3.49

Roll - Rama
Hoagies - white or wheat 4ct $1.99
Kaisers - white or wheat 6ct $1.99
Brat Buns 6ct $1.99
Mini Kaisers 10ct $1.99
Hamburger and Hotdog Buns 8ct $1.99
Wheat Hamburger Buns 8ct $1.99
12" Decorated Cookies each $8.99
Butterbraid Coffee Cakes - Apple, Cherry or Cheese each $3.99
8x8 Fudge Iced Brownies each $2.99
Round Breads - Sourdough, rye, pumpernickle or marble each $1.99
Artisan Focaccia Bread each $2.99
Artisan Cheese Bread each $3.99

Advance Fast Classics Sel 20-28z 6.99
DMX Taquitos Sel 25-25.2z 4.99
Eckrich Smoked Sausage or links Sel 12-16z 2/ 5
Farmland Bacon Sel 12-16z 3.99
FarmlandJmboFrnk&LunchnMeatsSel 12-16z 2/ 3
Johnsonville Fresh Brats/HeatNSrv Sel 19.24-20 oz 3.99
Lloyds & ChiChis Meats Sel 18z 4.49

OscarMayer/LoisRichHotDogsSel 16z 2/ $4
In Ad Manufacturer Coupon Buy 2 get $1 off - 2/$3 with coupon

OscarMayer/louisRich BolognaSel 16oz 2/ 4
SwtBbyRaysFullyCookdMeatsSel 16-20z 4.99
SwtBbyRays Seasn Tenderloins&1/2 St. Louis Ribs 23-24 oz $7.69
Tennesse Pride Sausage Rolls, Links and Patties Sel 8-12z 2/ 6
Tyson Refrigerated Strips Sel 6oz 2/ 6

FP = Non-Sunkist Label Navels 4 lb $1.99
Pre-Conditioned Avocados ct $0.99
Dole Shredded Lettuce 8 oz 2/3.00
Dole Cole Slaw 14 oz 2/3.00
Roma Tomatoes lb $1.19
Fruit Tray with Dip 2 lb $6.99
Dole Cauliflower ct 2/5.00
GG Klondike Gold Potatoes - Grown in Idaho Logo 5 lb $3.49
GG Klondike Rose Potatoes - Grown in Idaho Logo 5 lb $3.49
Chilean Peaches lb $1.99
Chilean Nectarines lb $1.99
Chilean Red Plums lb $1.99
Clementines 5 lb $6.99
WA Anjou Pears - USA Pear Logo lb $1.19
WA Bosc Pears - USA Pear Logo lb $1.19
Marzetti Dips (Starburst with Cauliflower) 15.5 oz 2/6.00
Marzetti Dips (Starburst with Cauliflower) ASST 2/6.00

Fresh Meat
Beef, RL Bottom Round Roast - Roast of the Week Wgt $3.39
Pork, Pork Shoulder Steak VP Wgt $1.69
Beef, RL Bottom Round Steak VP Wgt $3.59
Beef, RL T-Bone Steak VP Wgt $6.99
Beef, RL Sirloin Tri-Tip Steak VP Wgt $4.99
Tenderbird IQF Chicken Party Wings 3 lb $4.99
Pork, Country Style Pork Sausage Wgt $1.99
Pork, Hot Italian Sausage Wgt $1.99
Pork, Mild Italian Sausage Wgt $1.99
McCain Appetizers Ea $7.99
Seafood, Dinner Cod Wgt $4.99
Seafood, Imitation Crab Flakes VP Wgt $2.69
Seafood, Crab Delight Seafood Tray Ea $3.99
Seafood, Shrimp Entertainer Seafood Tray Ea $5.99
Crab & Lobster Rangoon, Supreme Ea $5.99
Seafood, Bag Your Own 31-40 ct EZ Peel Shrimp Wgt $5.99
Supreme Cooked 41x50 ct Shrimp 16 oz Ea $6.99
Beef, 75% Lean Ground Beef VP Wgt $1.89
Sliced Bulk Bacon VP Wgt $2.79
Poultry, Chicken Breast Bnls CVP VP Wgt $1.99
Poultry, 10# Leg Quarters Ea $4.90
Pork, 10lb Western Style Pork Ribs Ea $16.90
Pork, 10# Pork Burgers Ea $18.90

Butcher Shop
SM, Fresh Chopped Steak Wgt $2.99
SM, Choice Italian Beef Thin Sliced Wgt $3.99
SM, Stuffed Mushrooms Wgt $3.99

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