Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Catalina Rewards 12/28

We have just a few Cat's this week. Next week we'll add more.

General Mills Salty Snacks (Chex Mix, Gardettos) 12/27/10 1/23/11
Buy 3 GM Salty Snacks Get $1.50 off your next trip
Buy 4 Get $2.50
Buy 5+ Get $3.50

Nature Valley 12/27/10 1/23/11
Buy 3 Nature Valleyy bars Get $1.50 off your next trip
Buy 4 Get $2.50
Buy 5+Get $3.50

Crystal Light 12/27/10 1/23/11
Buy 2 Crystal Light Get $1.00 off your next trip
Buy 3 Get $2.00
Buy 4+Get $3.00

Barefoot Wine 12/10/10 -1/2/11
Buy 3 Barefoot Wines Get $3.00 off your next trip
Buy 4 Get $4.00
Buy 6+ Get $5.00

Coming UP:

Kikkoman Marinades
Lawry's Marinades
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A Catalina Reward is a coupon or cash value certificate that will print if you purchase a pre determined number of items from a manufacturer. Offers valid between dates listed. You May use newspaper or printable coupons to save additional money. Also check my weekly Print N Save list on Saturdays.