Wednesday, November 10, 2010

County Market Coupon Match 11/10

There are some great meal combos in this weeks ad. Look carefully at the Coupon name brand match ups, and combo them with County Market brands.

Examples: Hunts Tomatoes, with Flavorite Kidney beans, and County Market Oyster crackers for a inexpensive Chili supper. Look for Flavorite Shells N Cheese, County Market Chicken Breasts $3.88 and use newspaper coupons to get BOGO Steamfresh veggies for a good casserole combo. Spend a little time with this week's ad, it's worth it!

You will want to sign up for Farmland's Holiday coupons this week! The coupons mail out near Thanksgiving.

There are 13 good Catalina rewards this month. Including stock ups on Frozen pizza and pet foods.

It's getting close to the holidays, which means Wine tags! Look for $3 off Pork from Gnarly Head, $6 on prepared foods from deli from Sam Adams. Each week you will need to cruise the liquor department looking for coupons and rebates on foods.


County Market/Flav Chili /Kidney/Red Beans All 15oz 2/$1 Store Brand Savings

County Market/Flav Oyster Crackers All 12oz $.79 Store Brand Savings

Creamette Pasta Sel 12-16oz $.79 Stockpile Price

Hunts Diced Tomatoes Sel 14-14.5oz $.79 Use peelies to save $.35 on 3

Big G Chex Cereals Sel Var & Sizes 12.8-14oz 2/$4 Save $1 on 2

Bisquick Mix Sel 20oz $1.49 Save $.50 on 1 40z size, you'll need to price compare

Cheer 2x Liquid Laundry Sel 40-50oz $4.99 Use Redbook mag coupon to save $1 on 1

Chicken of the Sea Chunk Lite Tuna / Sardines Sel 3..75-5oz 5/$4 Excellent Price

Clorox Liq/Liquid Gel Bleach Sel 82-96oz $1.69 Use newspaper coupons to save $1 on 3

County Market / Flav Saltines All 15-16oz $.99 Store Brand Savings

County Market /FlavShells & Ched/Dlx Mac&Chs All 12-14oz 3/$4 Store Brand Savings

County Market/Flav Vegetables Sel 13.5-15oz $.59 Store Brand Savings

Doritos/Ruffles All 11.5-14.5z $2.77 Look for Coors coupons to save $1 on 2, also Lay's tear pads to save $1 on 2

County Market/Flav Cream Soups All 10.5oz 3/$2 Store Brand Savings

Flav Instant Oatmeal All 10ct $1.99 Store Brand Savings

Fresh Step/Scoop Away Litter Sel 14-21lb $5.99 Save $3 on 1 mailer coupon

Healthy Choice RTS Soup Sel 15oz 3/$3 Use newspaper coupons to save $1 on 2

Homelife Bath Tissue All 12 dbl rl $5.99 Store Brand Savings

Hormel Chili with Beans All 15oz $1.29 Use newspaper coupons to save $.55 on 2 Save $.55 on 2

Hunts Pasta Sauce Sel 26oz 3/$3 Use newspaper coupons to save $1 on 3

Kelloggs Cereals Sel Var & Sizes 12-20oz 2/$5 Kelloggs Coupons + CM Save $1 on 1 Catalina reward for free milk

Lawrys Seasoned Salt Sel 16oz $1.99 Look for Peelies to save $.55 on 1

McCormick Gourmet Spices Sel($1 off) .12-2.62oz $1 off + add $.25 on 1 from Redplum c

Ocean Spray Drink/Juices/Cocktails Sel 48-64oz $2.69 Look for peelies and Hangtags to save $1 on 1

Post Family Size / Selects Cereals Sel Var & Sizes 13-32oz $2.79 Excellent Price

Progresso Broth/Trad or Wold Recipe Soups Sel 18.2-32oz 2/$3 Excellent Price

Propel Sel 6pk 2/$5 Excellent Price

Red Gold Tomatoes / Juice Sel 28-46oz $.99 Use newspaper coupons to save $1 on 3

Campbells Chunky Soups /HR Sel 18-18.8-oz 4/$6 Save $1 on 3

Rotel Tomatoes Sel 10oz $.99 Combo with Tearpad to save $1 on velveeta/rotel combo

Pillsbury Cake Mix Sel 18.25-18.9 $.99 Excellent Price

Beneful Dog Food Sel 15.5lb $15.99 Use newspaper coupon to save $2 on 1

Campbells Gravy Sel 10.25-10.5 2/$1 Multiple Campbells

Dawn Direct Foam -Fresh Rapids Sel 300ml $2.49 Excellent price

Gatorade Sel 32oz 10/$10 Look for hangtags to B2G1 free

Homelife Frzr/Storage Bags All 30-50ct 2/$5 Store Brand Savings

Homelife Mighty Paper Towels All 8ct $7.99 Store Brand Savings

Meow Mix Market Selects Sel 2.75oz 2/$1 Use flier coupons to b1g1

Nunn Better Dog Food 16lb $6.99 Store Brand Savings

Nunn Better Original Cat Food Sel 16lb $7.99 Store Brand Savings

Nunn Better Wild Bird Seed Sel 20lb $5.49 Store Brand Savings

Renuzit Adjustable Sel 7.5oz $.89 Use newspaper coupons to save $1 on 5

Super Crunch Pretzels /Snack Mix All 8.75-15oz 2/$3 Store Brand Savings

Jell-O RTE Pudding & Jell-O All 6pk $2.79 Excellent Price

Simply Orange Sel 2.6lt $5.29 Save $1 on 1

Pillsbury Biscuits/CinnRolls/Muffins Sel 9.2-31.8oz $2.99 Multiples

County Market /Flav Cooking Oil All - 128oz $5.99 Store Brand Savings

Flav Snack Crackers All 9-16oz $1.69 Store Brand Savings

Whole Care Pet Litter All 20lb $3.29 Excellent Price

County Market IQF Chicken Breast 2.5 lb $3.88 Store Brand Savings

Florida Navel Oranges 4 lb $1.99 Excellent Price, try to match with tearpads for $1 off produce from the liquor department

48HR Sale Gate-See your store details!

Borden Butter Sel 16oz $4.29 Excellent Price

Deans Dips All 12-16oz 2/$3 Get coupon to save $1 by email
also shortcut to bricks Save $1 on 2

Floridas Natural Orange Juice Sel 89oz $4.69 Excellent Price

Beechnut Baby Food Var Sel 4oz $.49 Use newspaper coupons to save $2 on 12

Duncan Hines Cake Mix Sel 20.45-21oz $2.29 Excellent Price, look for peelies to save $.35 on frosting!

HeftyOne Zip or Fresh Extend Bags Sel 12-35ct $1.69 Use tearpad coupon to save $1 on produce when buying 1

Jay's Oke Doke Popcorn All 10-14oz 2/$5 Excellent Price

Prairie Farms CottageCheese All 48HrGate 16oz $.99 Excellent Price

Bunny Sqrs Sel(48hour sale$1.99 L-2) 1.75qt adtl $3.29 Excellent Price
(Holiday flavors not included)

Palermos ClasPizAll 48HrGate 1.77 L-5 16.25-18.6 $1.77 Save $1 on 2

County Market Pizzas 1.88 L-5 16.5 - 19.7oz adtl 4/$11 Store Brand Savings

Pillsbury Cake Mix Sel(48hr sale.69 L-3) 18.25-18.9 adtl $.99 Excellent Price

Crisco Cooking Spray Sel 6oz 2/$4 Save $.75 on 1

Crisco Extra Virgin Olive Oil Sel 16.9oz $4.49 Save $1 on 1

Crisco Oil Sel 48oz 2/$5 Excellent Price

Crisco Shortening Sel 3lb $4.49 Excellent Price

Crisco Baking Sticks Sel 20oz 2/$5 Save $.50 on 1

KebWhtbleToastdsSpecKAllBranKashiCrack All 6-10oz $2.29 Use tearpad coupons to save $1 on 2

Eagle Brand Sweetend Cond Milk Sel 14oz 2/$4 Save $.50 on 2

Hungry Jack Mashed Potatoes Sel 13.3-15.3z 2/$4 Save $1 on 2 Redplum c

Hungry Jack Pancake Mix Sel 32oz 3/$5 Use newspaper coupons to save $.55 on 1

Hungry Jack Potatoes Sel 4.9oz $.99 Save $1 on 2 Redplum c

Hungry Jack Syrup Sel 26.6oz $2.99 Use newspaper coupons to save $.55 on 1

Jif Peanut Butter Sel 28oz $3.49 Save $1 on combo of Smucker and Jif-both on sale this week!

Pillsbury ClassicBrownie Mix Sel 19.5oz $.99 Excellent Price

Pillsbury Flour Sel 5lb 3/$5 Excellent Price

Pillsbury Frostings Sel 12-16oz 3/$5 Excellent Price

Pillsbury Premium Brownies Sel 13.5-19.4z 3/$5 Excellent Price

Pillsbury Quick Breads Sel 14-17.4oz 3/$5 Save $.50 on 2

Smuckeers Strawberry Squeeze Spread Sel 20oz 2/$4 Save $1 on 2 Redplum c

Smuckers Preserves/Jam /Marmalade Sel 18oz 2/$5 Save $1 on 2 Redplum c

Yoplait Yogurt/ Lt/Thick&Creamy Sel 6oz $.39 Save $.50 on 6

Daisy Sour Cream All 24oz 2/$5 Excellent Price for Size

Tropicana OJ /Fruit Juices Sel 59z-6pk $2.99

Borden Cheese Shreds/Melts/Slc/Sngles/Sensatn ALL 5-12oz 3/$6

Country Crock /ICBINB Spray Sel 12-45oz $2.49 Use newspaper coupons to save $.40 on 1

County Market / Flav Jumbo Cinnamon Rolls All 16.9oz 2/$5 Store Brand Savings

CountyMarket / Flav OJ All 64oz $1.99 Store Brand Savings

Kozy Shack Pudding All 4-6pk-22 oz 2/$5 Use peelies to save $1 on 1

Sunny D Sel 128 oz $2.89 Save $1 on 3, however, the site is experiencing overload, it may or may not be available this week.

EdysIceCream, Yogurt or Sherbet BOGO 48oz BOGO

Monas Egg Noodles All 16oz 2/$3 Excellent Price

Bertoli Entrees All 23-24oz $6.99 Manufacturer's coupon IN AD
Free Garlic Bread Offer

County Market/Flav Whipped Toppings All 8oz $.99 Store Brand Savings

RedBaronClassicPizza sel 18.75-23oz 3/$10 Use newspaper coupons to save $1 on 1

Hungryman Dinners Sel 16oz $2.29 Use home mailer coupons to save $.50 on 1

Breyers Ice Cream/Novelty Bars/Sandwch All 3-48oz/6-8-ct $2.99 Excellent Price

HOT DEAL DiGiorno or CPK Pizza for One Sel 5.3-10.2 4/$11 California Pizza kitchen coupon save $1.50 on 1 Save $2 on 1 buy 4 (print ea coupon twice) get $3 back catalina!!! Makes them $1 each!

HomeRunnInn12"Class/SigPizza sel 26-34oz 2/$12 Excellent Price

SkinnyCowIceCrm Novelties 4-12pk $3.99 Excellent Price

Flav Frozen Strawberries All 16oz $2.29 Store Brand Savings

Green Giant Steamers/BIB/Veggies/All 7-12oz $1.29 Excellent Price

Marie CallenderDinners/FrshFlavSteamers/PotPiesSel 8.5-16.5 4/$11 Excellent Price

New York Garlic Toast/Bread Sticks Sel 10.5-12oz 2/$4
Free NY Garlic Bread w/ Bertolli Dinner Purchase

North Star Ice Cream Bars Sel 12pk $2.79 Store Brand Savings

Prairie Farms Sherbet All 1/2gal $3.29 Excellent Price

HallmarkSongCard $1.00off ea $1 off

Small Fruitcakes $5.99
Large Fruitcakes $9.99
8ct Assorted Fudge - Chocolate, Rocky Road and Walnut 8ct $3.99
Pane Rolls 4ct $1.39
Funsize Cookies 22 $3.49
Take and Bake Breadsticks 6ct $1.49
Part y Trays

Branded Meat
Bar S Bologna Reg & Garlic 16oz 0.99
EckrichCocktailSmokiesSel 14oz 2.79
HormelNatChcHamTrkyChikSel 6-9z 2/ 5
Line Hormel NC Bacon 12oz 3.69
Hunter Bacon 16oz 3.99
JustBareChikBnlsSknlsThighsSel 20oz 4.49
RanchersLgndBeefSncksSel 8oz 2.79
RostelloBistroHam/RstdTrkySel 7oz 2/ 5
SprmChoiceQF80x120 BayScallopsSel 1 4.69
SupremeChceCatfish/SalmonFltsSel 1 4.69
SupremeChoiceShrimpSel 1 7.99
TysonBaggedFavoritesSel 25.5-29oz 5.99

Kretschmar Brown Sugar Ham lb $5.99
Willowbrook Kettle Fried Turkey lb $6.99
Shullsburg American Cheese lb $4.99
Eckrich Roast Beef lb $6.49
Spoon River Deviled Egg Potato Salad lb $3.29
Chester Chicken Tenders lb $5.99
Spoon river Dips
Signature Ham and Green Onion Cheese Sprd 12oz No price just words
Signature Pimento Cheese Spread 12oz No price just words
Signature Western Veggie Dip 12oz No price just words
Signature Spinach Dip 12oz No price just words
Signature Dill Dip 12oz No price just words
Signature Picante Dip 12oz No price just words
Buttermilk Ranch Dip 12oz No price just words
Spinach Asiago Dip 12oz No price just words

FP = Dole Green Bananas lb $0.39 33¢ = 154, 223, 348
FP = Dole Turning Bananas lb $0.39
Washington Honeycrisp Apples lb $1.99
Broccoli Crowns lb $1.49
Farm Stand Red Potatoes 5 lb $1.99
Clementines 5 lb $8.99
Dole Salad Blends 5-12 oz $2.88
Vine on Tomatoes lb $1.69
WA Bartlett Pears - USA Pear Logo lb $1.19
WA Anjou Pears - USA Pear Logo lb $1.19
WA Bosc Pears - USA Pear Logo lb $1.19
WA Red Pears - USA Pear Logo lb $1.19
New Star Spinach 6 oz 2/3.00
Marzetti's Dressings 15 oz 2/6.00
Marzetti's Dressings 15 oz 2/6.00
TX Rio Star Grapefruit Each 2/1.00
Tangerines Each 2/1.00

Fresh Meat
FP = Poultry, Frozen Turkey Breast Wgt $1.29
FP = Seafood, Pond Raised Catfish Fillets VP Wgt $2.99
FP = Seafood, Tilapia Fillets Wgt $5.99
FP = Seafood, Imitation Crab Flakes Wgt $2.69
FP = Seafood, Dinner Cod Wgt $4.99
Ham, Farmland 5 lb Fixed Weight Ham Ea $7.95
Beef, 85% Lean Ground Round VP Wgt $2.69
Beef, RL Top Sirloin Fillet Wgt $4.99
Beef, RL Sirloin Hotel Steaks - EDFV Wgt $3.99
Beef, RL Top Round Roast Wgt $2.99
Beef, RL Top Round Steak VP Wgt $3.19
Beef, RL Beef Cube Steak VP Wgt $3.49
Poultry, 10# Leg Quarters Ea $5.90
Pork, Pork Loin Rib Chops VP Wgt $2.79
Pork, Pork Loin Illini Chops/Store Wgt $2.99
Oven Ready Mom's Meatloaf Wgt $2.69
Ham, Garnished Ham Whole Boneless Wgt $1.89
Seafood, Snow Crab Clusters Wgt $7.99

Butcher Shop
SM, Angus Bourbon Spoon Roast Wgt $2.99
SM, Fresh Chopped Chuck Wgt $2.99
SM, Twice Baked Broccoli Cheddar Potato USA Ea $1.50
SM, Twice Baked Cheeseburger Potato Ea $1.50
SM, Twice Baked Potato Bacon Mjack Ea $1.50
SM, Twice Baked Potatoes Ea $1.50
SM, Twice Baked Sour Cream & Chive Potato Ea $1.50

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