Wednesday, September 22, 2010

County Market Coupon Match 9/22

Be sure to clip your $1 off meat coupon when buying Hamburger Helper out of the weekly flier. There are some great half price with coupon deals this week. Look over the discount coupon amounts carefully.

Flav Toaster Pastry All 11oz 10/$10 Store Brand Special

Malt O Meal Better Oats Oatmeal Sel 6.15-8.1oz 10/$10 Save $1 on 2 (pic shows dry cereal, print says "Any"

OEP Rice/Tortilla/Taco Shell/Beans VAR Sel 4.5-16oz 10/$10 Use booklet coupons to save $1 on 3

Progresso Classic Soups VAR Sel 19oz 10/$10 Save $1 on 4

Rice A Roni / Pasta Roni Sel 3.8-7.2z 10/$10 Excellent Price

Soft Soap Liquid Hand Soap Sel 7.5oz 10/$10 Use newspaper coupon to save $.35 on 1

Ajax Dish Liquid Sel 16oz 10/$10 Use newspaper coupon to save $.50 on 1

All 2X Concenentrate Sel 100 oz $7.99 Excellent Price

County Markeet/Flav Tomatoes/Sauce Sel 28-29oz 10/$10 Store Brand Special

Butternut Large White Bread sel 20oz $1.69 Excellent Price

Doritos/Ruffles All 9-14.5 2/$5 Save $1 on 2 with tearpad coupons, also there are some free Dip offers when buying 2 from Coors, need Coors coupon.

Sara Lee Classic Honey Wheat Bread sel 20oz $1.69 Excellent Price

SunshneCheez-It/KeebChipsDelux Bak Treas All 9.75-18oz $2.49 Use Tearpad coupons to save $1 on 2, or look for Miller Lite Savings booklet coupons.

Dove Sensitive Skin Bar Soap Sel 3.15oz 10/$10 Excellent Price

Era Liquid 2x Sel 100oz $5.99 Excellent Price

Flav Boxed Potatoes All 4.5-7.6oz 10/$10 Store Brand Special

Flav Pasta Sauce All 24oz 10/$10 Store Brand Special

Flavorite Asst Candies All 5.5-16oz 10/$10 Store Brand Special

Flavorite Fudge Cookies All 8.5-12.5oz 2/$3 Store Brand Special

Hunts Snack Pack Pudding Sel 4pk 10/$10 Excellent Price

Kelloggs Cereals Sel Var & Sizes 12-20oz 2/$4 Save $1 on 2

Lawrys Taco Seasoning Sel 1.25oz 2/$1 Excellent Price

Pace Salsa or Picante Sel 16oz 2/$4 Use newspaper coupon to save $.40 on 2

Propel Sel 710ml 10/$10 Excellent Price

Purina Dog Chow Sel 18-20lb $9.99 Excellent Price

Quilted Northern Bath Tissue Sel 9-12ea $6.99 Excellent Price

Ragu Pizza Sauce Sel 14oz 10/$10 Use newspaper coupon to save $.75 on 2

Super Crunch Cheese Curls All 8oz 10/$10 Store Brand Savings

Wacky Mac Pasta Sel 12oz 10/$10 Use newspaper coupon to save $1 on 2

Barilla Pasta Sel 13.25-20oz 10/$10 Use newspaper coupon to save $.75 on 1

Campbells Condensed Soups Sel 10.75oz 10/$10 Use newspaper coupon to save $1 on 4

County Market/Flav canned fruit All 15-15.3z 10/$10 Store Brand Special

Brawny Paper Towels 6-8roll $6.99 Use home mailer coupons to save $.55 on 1

Canine Carry Outs Sel 7oz 10/$10 Use newspaper coupon to Buy One Get One Free

Caribou Coffee All 12oz $6.49 Save $1 on 1 BC

Country Time / Kool Aid /Fun Fizz Sel 6-8qt/12ct 2/$4 Use tear pad coupons to save $1 on 2

County Market /Flavorite Vinegar All 32oz 10/$10 Store Brand Special

County Market/Flav Catsup All 36oz $1.39 Store Brand Special

FritoLaySnack Size Chips All 2-5.0oz 10/$10 Excellent Price

Nabisco Family Size Snack Crackers All 12-16oz 2/$7 Use tearpad coupons to save $1 on 2

Hefty One Zip or Fresh Extend Storage Bags Sel 12-35ct $1.69 Use Tearpad coupons to save $1 on produce when buying 1

Homelife Foam Plates All 50ct 2/$3 Store Brand Special

JiffyCornMuffn/PizzaCrust Mix 6.5-8.5oz 2/$.88 Excellent Price

Luzianne Sweet Tea Sel 16oz 10/$10 Use peelies to save $.60 on 1

New York Texas Toast Croutons All 5oz 10/$10 Excellent Price

Scotties Facial Tissues Sel 75-132ct 10/$10 Use newspaper coupons to save $.50 on 1

Wolf Chili wBeans/w-o beans/Turkey Sel 15oz 4/$5 Use newspaper coupon to save $.50 on 1


CM or Cub Milk sel Gal See your Local Store Price

1st National Bagels All 5ct 10/$10 Excellent Price

Prairie Farms TampicoOrangeTrop/MangoPunch Gal $1.79 Excellent Price

Yotastic Yogurt All 6oz 3/$1 Excellent Price

Minute Maid OJ Sel 64oz $2.59 Excellent Price

Dutch Farms Cream Cheese Tub All 8oz 10/$10 Excellent Price

PillsburyChub/ RTB Cookies/Sweet Moments All 5.6-16.5oz $2.69 Save $.30 on 2

PillsburyCrsnt/CnTwst/Breads/Tunovers/PizzaCrstSel 8-13.2oz 2/$4 Save $.30 on 2

Tonys Crispy Crst Pizza Pouch Larrys Stuff Pot All 9-10.42 10/$10 Excellent Price

Green Giant Steamers/BIB Veggies Sel 7-12oz 10/$10 Save $.50 on 2

Blue Bunny Personals Sel 7oz 10/$10 Excellent Price

Flav Fries/Onion Rings All 16-32oz $1.88 Store Brand Special

Michelina Authentico/Budget/Lean GourmetSel 4.6-9oz 10/$10 Save $1 on 5

Old Orchard Juice Blends Sel 12oz 10/$10 Save $1 on 4

Tombstone Pizzas Sel 18.7-29.5 3/$11 Excellent Price

Ben & Jerrys Ice Cream Cups All 3.6oz 10/$10 Excellent Price

Blue Bunny Ice Cream / Hi Lite Squares Sel 1.75 Qt $2.99 Save $1 on 1 (pic shows yogurt) which is probably included.

County Market/Flav Whipped Toppings All 12oz $1.49 Store Brand Special

HaagDazs/Edys/NestleIceCreamCups All 4-12oz 10/$10 Excellent Price

Flav pancakes/Waffles All 13.75-16.5 $1.39 Store Brand Special

Flav Strawberries All 10oz 2/$3 Store Brand Special

North Star Assorted /Twin Pops All 6pk 10/$10 Store Brand Special

Pepperidge Farms Garlic/texas toast/cheese Sel 9.5-11.75z 2/$5 Excellent Price

Shoppers Value Ice Cream All 64oz $2.39 Store Brand Special

Kodak Digital Picture Maker 4x6in Prints .19 for 50 or more.

Arrid or Ultramax Deodorant sel 2.7-2.8oz $1.39

Edge or Skintimate Shave Gel sel 8.4oz 2/$4

Homelife AA Batteries 20pk $3.99 Store Brand Special

One A Day Vitamins Sel 50-100ct $6.99

Fructis Hair Care sel 5-13oz 2/$6

Kotex U Tampons sel 18ct $3.59

Power Bars sel .55-.65gr 5/$5

SPECIALS You will be able to print from several sources. Betty Crocker Coupons additional at I've matched County Market Coupons.

BC Bowl Appetit VAR 2-3.1oz 10/$10 Excellent Price

BC Pouch Mashed Potatoes VAR Sel 3.3z 4/$3 Save $.50 on 2

BC Specialty Potato VAR 4.5-7.6 10/$10 Save $.50 on 2

Big G Cereal Sel Var & Sizes 8.7-13oz 2/$4 Save $1 on 2

Bisquick Shake Pour Buttermilk Sel 5.1z 10/$10 Excellent Price

Chicken of the Sea ChunkWhite Tuna/Salmon/Pouch/Can Sel 2.5-5oz 10/$10 Excellent Price

Gerber 2nd Foods Sel 2pk 10/$10 Excellent Price

Green Giant Veg VAR 11-15.25z 10/$10 Excellent Price

Hamb, Chicken or Tuna Helpers VAR Sel 4.5-9z 10/$10 Save $1 on 3

Hungry Jack Syrup Sel 26.6oz $2.69 Use newspaper coupons to save $1 on 2

Motts Apple Juice, Plus or For Tots Sel 64oz $2.49 Excellent Price

Motts Applesauce Sel 23-24oz $1.29 Excellent Price

Red Gold Tomatoes/Ketchup Sel 14.5-24oz $.79 Sign up for Coupons sent by email.

Ronzoni Healthy Harvest or Smart Taste Pasta Sel 12-14.5oz 4/$5 Excellent Price

HomeRunInn12"PizzaSel IliniGate 26-34oz 2/$11 Excellent Price

Florida Naturral OJ All 89oz $4.59 Excellent Price

Pills Grands/Crescent/CinnRolls/BiscuitSel 7-10oz 10/$10 Save $.30 on 2

Pillsbury SweetCrescent Rolls/ Danish Sel 8-13.9oz 3/$5 Save $.40 on 2

YoPlait Greek Yogurt All 6oz 10/$10 Save $.30 on 1

County Market / Flav Veg Spread All 3lb $2.39 Store Brand Special

Dutch Farm Plain/CinnRsn/Blueberry Bagels All 5ct 10/$10 Excellent Price

Flav Jumbo Biscuits All 16oz $1.39 Store Brand Special

Minute Maid Heartwise/Simply Orange Sel 59z-1.75lt $3.19 Excellent Price

HomeRunInn6"Pizza sel 4-9oz 4/$11 Excellent Price

Super Chill Drinks All 20oz 10/$10 Store Brand Special

Whole Care Pet Dry Dog/Cat Complete Nutrition All 15.5-20lb $8.99 Excellent Price


Bar S Hot Dog VAR 16 oz 10/ 10
Healthy Ones/Eckrich Meat VAR 10 oz 2/ 5
HFCE Meat VAR 17 oz 4.99
JBC Boneless Skinless Chiken Breast 14 oz 4.49
JennieOFreshBrats/LinkVAR 14 oz 3.99
LineJennieOGrndTurkey 1.25 lb 2/ 5
LineJennieOBrkfstLink 14 oz 2/ 6
LineCntryCrckMshdPot&SidesVAR 21-24oz 2.79
TysnBgdChknNgts/Ptys/TndrsALL 25.5-29oz 4.99
Tyson Prem Hickory Bacn ALL 16 oz 2/$7
LineTsnFlyCkdPrmHickryBacon 2.2 oz 2/ 6
TysonBagged IF B/S Chkn ALL 2.5 lb 6.99

Twin French 2ct 1.99
8" Pumpkin Pies ea 4.49
10" Pumpkin Pies ea 7.99
Pane Rolls 4CT 1.39
12ct Donut holes 12CT 1.69
Signature Cookies 6CT 3.69
Take and Bake Baguette Bread ea 1.49
2pk Texas Sheet cake 2CT 1.00

Eckrich Honey or VA Ham lb 4.99
Kretschmar Oven Roasted Turkey lb 6.49
Rotisserie Chicken ea 5.49
Spoon river Cole Slaw lb 2.69
Shullsburg Provolone or Muenster Cheese lb 4.49
EDFV 6pk Mini Sandwiches 6ct 4.99
Jumbo Chicken Legs ea 1.00

FP = Dole Classic Icerberg Lettuce Salad 12 oz 10/10.00
Driscoll Strawberries 1 lb 2/6.00
MI Red Delicious Apples 3 lb 2/5.00
MI Ginger Gold Apples 3 lb 2/5.00
MI MacIntosh Apples 3 lb 2/5.00
MI Jonathan Apples 3 lb 2/5.00
Starburst - Marzetti Fruit Dips 13.5-15 oz 2/6.00
Red Seedless Grapes lb $1.49
Green Seedless Grapes lb $1.49
Bulk MI Honeycrisp Apples lb $1.99
Clementines 5 lb $8.99
Large Slicing Tomatoes Lb $1.49
Dole Cauliflower ct 2/5.00
GG Idaho Potatoes 5 lb $1.99
GG Idaho Potatoes 5 lb $1.99
Cucumbers ct 2/1.00
Green Bell Peppers ct 2/1.00
Butternut Squash lb $0.59
Acorn Squash lb $0.59
Spaghetti Squash lb $0.59

Fresh Meat
FP = Pork, 10 ct 5oz Boneless Pork Chops Ea 10.00
FP = Poultry, VP Split Chicken Breast Wgt 1.00
Beef, 80% Lean Ground Chuck VP Wgt 2.49
Beef, RL Bottom Round Roast Wgt 2.99
Beef, RL Bottom Round Steak VP Wgt 3.19
Beef, RL T-Bone Steak VP Wgt 6.99
Beef, RL Sirloin Hotel Steaks - EDFV Wgt 3.99
Beef, 80% Ground Chuck Patties VP Wgt 2.79
Beef, RL Beef Cube Steak VP Wgt 3.19
Poultry, Split Chicken Breast BBQ Wgt 1.30
Pork, Boneless Pork Ribs on a Stick VP Wgt 3.19
Pork, Pork Top Loin Roast Boneless Wgt 2.99
Seafood, Fresh Tilapia Fillets Wgt 6.99
Seafood, Imitation Crab Flakes Wgt 2.69
Seafood, Shrimp Kabobs Ea 1.19

Butcher Shop
SM, Fresh Chopped Steak Wgt 2.99
SM, Choice Boneless NY Steak 8 oz Ea 5.00
SM, Jumbo Pork Tenderloin 8 oz Ea 2.00

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