Thursday, May 13, 2010

Save on what you don't want

I enjoy saving money on things I want. But I really enjoy saving money on items I do not want to buy. Things like Toilet Paper, Cleaning Supplies, necessary paper goods. You know what I mean. Those things you have to have to live, but you just don't get excited over spending your "Cute new shoes" money on. So I put together a list this week of quick Printables just for all those things. Maybe you'll be able to get cute shoes anyway!

Spot Shot Cleaner Save $3 on 1 (Bricks)

Murphy's Oil Soap $.50 on 1

All Laundry Save $1 on 1

Palmolive Save $.25 on 1

Cottonelle Save $.50 on 2 (Bricks)

Scotch Tapes (Multiples all pdf approved)

Angel Soft Save $.50 on 1

Scotch Brite $1 on 2

EPT Pregnancy Test Save $5 on 1

Poise or Depends Save $2 on 1 (Bricks)

OB Any Products Save $1 on 1 (Bricks)

Kotex Save $1 on 1

Visine Save $1 on 1 (Bricks)

Ace Bandage Save $2 On 1