Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Coupon Match 5/12

There are lots of items this week to match, but there are also some really good store brands at very low prices. I've listed those as well. Velveeta is also running a matching Catalina this week! Buy 5, final price after reward $.49 Be sure to check out the Catalina's section on the blog.


Yoplait Light or Custard Yogurt var 6oz 10/$5 Use newspaper coupons to Save $1 on 10

Tropicana Orange Juice Sel 6pk-59-64oz $2.99 Use newspaper Coupons to save $1 on 2

Go gurt/yop kids Sel 6-8pk 2/ 4 Save $.80 on 2

Sunny Delight Org Juice All 128oz $2.79 Save $.25 on 1

Lean Cuisine Classics/Casuals Sel 6-11.75 $1.99 Use Newspaper coupons to save $1 on 5

Ben & Jerrys All 16oz 2/$6 Use newspaper coupons to Save $.50 on 2

Blue Bunny Fam Pails All 144oz $5.39 Save $1 on 1

EdysIC/SlwChur/LT/Yog/NSA/FFNSA/Sherb-sel 48oz 2/$7 Use ALL YOU coupon to svae $1 on 1

Prairie farms Sherbert -all 1/2gal 2.99 Save $1 on 2

Kodak Digital Picture Maker Buy 1 5x7in at .99 or 8x10in at $3.99 and Get 1 of the Same Free Limit 2

One Hour Photo 2/$7.00 Process 1 Set at $6.99 & Get A Duplicate Second Set for .01 (24exp from 35mm Film or One Time Use Camera

Plastic Cups & Bowls sel 1ct 3/$1 Excellent Price

One A Day Vitamins sel 50-100ct $6.99 Use Peelie's to save $1 on 1

Slim Fast Optima Drink sel 6ct $5.59 Use All You Exclusive to save $1.25 on 1

Suave Shampoo & Conditioner sel 15oz $.89 Use Newspaper coupon to save $.75 on 1

Clorox Liq Blch sel 82-96oz $1.69 Excellent Price

Crystal Sugar 4# $2.39 Use Peelie's found in baking good aisle

Lickins Wild & Sweet N Tangy Sauce 15z $.99

Pringles Superstacks Sel 5.71-6.74oz 3/$4 Use newspaper coupons (P&G) to save $.50 on 1

Tide Liquid 2x Sel 100oz $12.99 Use Newspaper coupons (P&G) to save $.50 on 1

Beechnut Stage 2 Foods Sel 4oz EDLP Use Home Mailer coupons to save $1 on 4

Big G Chex Cereals Sel 13.4-14.25 2/$5 Use Peelie's to save $3 on 2 Save $.55 on 1 And here

Chinet Plates/Bowls All 12-36ct 2/$4 Use Tearpad coupons to BOGO Free

Flav Honey/Cinn Graham Cracker All 14.4oz $1.69 Excellent Price

County Market/Flavorite Tomatoe Juice All 46oz $1.19 Excellent Price

Dawn Dish Liquid Sel 19oz $2.49 Use Newspaper coupon (P&G) to save $.50 on 1

Nabisco Chips Ahoy!/Ritz Bits-All 7.5-15.25oz 2/$5

KebTwnhseCrackChipsDelxVanWafAnmlCrckr-sel 7.70-18oz $2.49 Use Tearpad coupon to save $1 on 2

Lays Chips All 10.5-11oz $1.99 Excellent Price

Downy 40 loads/Simple Pleasures Sel 34-41oz $4.99 Use Newspaper Coupon (P&G) to save $1 on 2

Febreeze Fabric Spray Sel 27.04z $4.39 Use Newspaper coupon to save $1 on 1

Hidden Valley Ranch Bottled/Cups 2.5-24oz $3.69 Use Newspaper coupon to save $2 on 1

Juicy Juice sel 46oz $1.99 Save $1 on 1

Kelloggs Cereals Sel Varieties & Sizes 10.5-18oz $2.29 Save $1 on 2

Kelloggs Pop Tarts Sel 8ct $1.99 Use newspaper to save $1.25 on 3 or Blinkie to save $1 on 2

McCormick Seasoned Salt 16oz $1.99 Use tearpad coupons to save $.75 on 1

Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice/Blends/Cocktail Sel 4pk-64oz $2.99 Use Newspaper coupons to save $1 on 2

Peter Pan Peanut Butter-sel 13-16.3oz $1.99 Use All You coupon to save $1 on 2

Plochmans Mustard Sel 19-24oz $1.39 Join Mailing List for Coupons

Red Gold Tomatoes Sel 14.5oz 5/$4 Use Newspaper coupon to save $1 on 3

SV Paper Plates 100ct 2/$3 Excellent Price

Ragu Pasta Sauce Sel 16-26oz $1.69 Use Newspaper coupon to save $.75 on 1 (select markets)

Velveeta Shells/MacN Chs/Dinner Sel 10-14oz $1.79 Catalina Match up, Buy 5 save $3 OYNP

Hartz Products All 33% off ea 33% Off Excellent Deals

Pig Ears ea $.69 Woof Alert

Alpo Dog Food Sel 13.2oz $.69 Save $1 on 1

Friskies spec,seafood,indoor,feline,sign sel 3.5lb $3.99 Save $1 on 1

Friskies Can Cat Food Sel 5.5oz 2/$.88 Save $1 on 15 Cans

Kibbles N Bits Sel 17.6lb $9.99 Use Newspaper Coupons to save $2 on 1

Meow Mix orig,seafood,wholesome - Picture All 14.2-16lb $8.99 Save $1 on 1 Save $1 on 1 here too

MilkBone Biscuits,snacks sel 5.4-26oz 25% Off BOGO Coupons Use Newspaper coupons to BOGO FREE also

Nunn Better Mini Chunks7Golden Nuggets 16lb $5.99

Pupperoni beef,beef lean sel 25oz $9.99

Purina Dog Chow Sel 17.6-20lb $8.99 Sign up for $2 off 1 coupon (works for all Purina) Use Newspaper coupons to Save $1.50 on 1

Tidy Cats Scoop Jug Sel 20lb $6.99 Save $1 on 1

DiGorFor1/200CalPk/DpDsh/CPKPiz&FltbrdAllAng 5.3-10.2oz 4/$11 Use Tearpad coupon to save $3 on 2

SkinnyCow Frozen Treats -sel 4-12pk 3.99 Use All You Magazine coupon to save $1.5o on 2

Cascade Action Packs /Powder/Gel Sel 20ct75oz $3.99 Use Newspaper coupon $.50 on 1

Shoppers Value Plastic Cup Clr 16oz All 20ct $.99 Excellent Price

Shoppers Value Tea Bags Tagless 100ct $1.29 Excellent Price

SuperChill Lemonade All 1ltr 3/$2 Excellent Price


Jville Smoked Sausage & Brats -sel 13.5-16oz $2.99 Save $ on 1

Tyson Boxed Chicken & Anytizers -sel 10-13.25oz 2/$6 Use Newspaper coupon to save $1 on 1

Tyson Refrigerated Strips -sel 6oz $2.99 Use Newspaper Coupons to save $1 on 2

Produce -There are some excellent deals in Produce this week including:
Vidalia Onions lb $.88

Dole Head Lettuce ct $.88

Dole Celery Each $.99

Cut Seedless Watermelon Lb $.59

Green Giant Idaho Russet Potatoes 5 lb 2/$3.00

Asparagus lb $2.49

Dole Bananas Green lb $.44
Dole Bananas Turning lb $.44

Navel Oranges ct 2/$1.00

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