Monday, April 12, 2010

White Cash

Yes, I call coupons White Cash. Why should I spend the green kind when White Cash is available for free and buys me the same things as the green kind? I started talking about White Cash about 2 years ago. At first people gave me that confused look. Then after a bit, they realized what I was telling them. We all have the ability to use white cash. You can start using white cash today to save $10, or $100 this week. All you need is a printer, newspaper, and Internet service.

Let’s start with a printer. You’re online right now. All you need to do is click over to the Printables link on the right sidebar of this blog. I've been busy making little shortcut lists for use to find more white cash. County Market is committed to helping you save money, offer discounts, and to save more on your groceries. Manufacturer's will also help you save more on groceries with White Cash. Your printer must print these coupons in full color for County Market to accept them. This is not a hard rule from County Market, but I personally believe it alleviates concern with legitimacy of the coupon if you print in color. Color shows the hidden watermarks best. This keeps coupon fraud and counterfeiting to a minimum.

Did your coupon print on only the top third of the paper? Good. Now cut it off and use the rest of the paper to print the next one. You can print coupons on the backs of scratch paper too. I seem to make lots of mistakes and have lots of scratch paper handy.

Next, start picking up the Sunday paper. Many readers throw out their papers, and the junk pages in the middle. These have White Cash stuffed inside. Restaurants, neighbors, and family will keep coupon insert pages for you if you ask. Start keeping as much White Cash as you can. With multiples of coupons you will be able to save even more with your White budget.

Finally, start browsing. Surf that web! You will find coupon traders, clubs, and websites dedicated to saving you hundreds. If you find a HOT coupon that I haven't listed on Coupon News yet, let us know. Right now there are hundreds of County Market shoppers looking for the exact savings you are. Let's help each other to save more with white cash.

Now that you have some White Cash just laying around, you need to treat it like cash. Organize it like you would the green stuff. You would never stuff the green stuff in the bottom of your purse or wallet. You need to keep White Cash as organized as green. Buy a simple three ring binder. Then put baseball card holders inside. These nine pocket clear sleeves will organize your White Cash for you. It will tell you if your loot is getting ready to expire, or if this week is the time to pull it out to use at the store. Dollar stores often have sleeves for only one green dollar.

Always pick up extra White Cash at the grocery store on the way out the door. Catalina coupons (See my weekly notes on the Cat's avail at County Market), store coupons, and discarded white cash are all over the place! I once picked up a $10 general mills reward in the parking lot. The person who got it thought it was an ad, instead it was a Cat good for $10 off my next purchase. A Free $ 10 on groceries. You would not pass up a $10 green bill, so don’t pass on the White ones. You’ll start finding these values all over the place once you recondition yourself to see coupons, and true White Cash.

Keep Saving!