Thursday, April 1, 2010

Today's Hot deals

Today was a good one. I managed to use 20 coupons and save over $25 in ad sales. I also have everything I need for the School break and Easter dinner and appetizers. Some of the highlights include:

Wesson Oil on sale for $2.69 Con Agra Coupon from All You for $1/2

Wilderness Pie Filling is on sale for $2.49, and the Flavorite variety is on sale in store special for $2.19 I stocked up. (see bbq below)

Oscar Mayer Deli on sale in store $2/$7 Newspaper coupon $1/2

Jimmy Dean Premium bacon was on sale 2/$5

Pillsbury Crescents and Cinnamon rolls $1.67 Plus Newspaper coupns and -$4 catalina, made the actual out of pocket $.67 for Easter morning cinnamon rolls.

Country Crock $2.99, newspaper coupons for $1/2

Borden Sensations $1/1

Betty Crocker Cupcake icing $1.69, newspaper coupon $.55/1

Michelob Tuscan fruit flavored 6pk $5.99 with Rebate save $10 on Produce! I course fresh Dole salad with $1 off tearpad coupon, sweet potatoes, and cantalope I fulfilled my min requirement.

Free Farmland ham for spending $250 in March, -$7.95

All in all, it was a huge savings day for me. I saved over 50% after rebate and Catalina rewards. My our of pocket for a week was just at $78.

BBQ: I have always been looking for good deserts to make on the bbq after I'm finished grilling. Rarely, can I find good ideas. However, I started making up crisp in foil pans last year and now it's a favoritie at our house.

You will need:
1 Foil bread loaf sized pan
1 can of pre made pie filling
2 T brown sugar
3 T melted butter
4 T flour
4 T quick oats
2 T chopped pecans

Just put the pie filling in the pan, then mix up the "Crumble" topping. Sprinkle the topping over the crisp and place on grill. I close off our bbq vents and remove heat. It's warm enough to bake for 30 minutes and be ready for dessert at the same time your dinner is finished.

Keep Saving!