Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ga Ga Shopper-That's Me!

This week County Market has three sales I'm going Ga Ga over. All three are items my family buys reguarly as the weather warms up. All three are also Triple Zingers for savings. If you see a lady looking wild with savings power, say hi!

First, Johnsonville brats. They are on sale for $2.99 regularly ($3.99). We love em. We buy the regular brats, the Italian Sausage, and we espeically like the New Orleans style. Those are fantastic in the crock pot with a Zataran's Gumbo mix. Just dump them in and have a meal. I am also excited that there are coupons available in the newspaper and online. Print these Johnsonville Brat Coupons for $.55 off 1 and use your newspaper coupons to save $1 on 2 to match this special. Don't forget the third Zing-File rebates on brats. Grilling meats have lots of rebate options. Just ask in the liquor department what is avail or pick out your own rebate forms at Clairwood. Zataran's is on sale too. Look to match a coupon from the newspaper!

Next come the Chips. Both Doritos and Ruffles are on sale for $2 per bag (reg $4). I admit, I buy in bulk when there is a huge grocery sale like this one. Saving money on Chips can really save me over a 13 week period. I bought all the Tostitos I needed for 13 weeks when those were on sale two weeks ago. Every time I pull a bag out of the cabinet I say to myself, "Yep, I save $2 on you."

So now I'm going to buy up for the summer. I'll end up getting 15-18 bags total. I'll also look like a mad hatter for tear pads from Frito Lay. I've actually stopped the guy stocking shelves before and asked him if he had any free dip coupons. He said, "Sure, let me get you some off the truck." I love the Frito Guys in Quincy. They want us to save money and help make it easy. Of course with 15-18 bags at a gross price of $2 each, I'll file a $30 salty snack rebate and get $20 back from Heineken. With some free dip, and making my hubby happy, I'm a winner!

My third big sale item this week is the hamburger. We fired up the grill two weeks ago and haven't looked back. I'm going to get enough to make burgers once per week for the next month. I've got a vac n seal and I'm not afraid to use it. I'll probably stop by and see Jeff in the meat department to see if He'll package some one pounder's up for me for spaghetti night, or mexican night. He's a good guy, and always helps.

I can't go wrong with the savings this week. I'll end up with some free items, some deeply discounted groceries, and with only pay half at the most.

If you're looking for more coupons, go to the coupon section at County Market and also try these easy to print goodies!

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