Monday, April 5, 2010

Everybody's Talking About Money

Seems like Money is all everyone is talking about. Holidays gather people together to "Catch Up" on what has been going on. Over the weekend I talked to several folks in person and on the phone. I talked to family in Missouri, parents at school, and Friends in Illinois. Somehow, in each conversation saving money came up. They just mentioned that they needed to find ways to cut spending, save money on expenses, and save money at the grocery store.

Lucky for them, I was on the other end of the phone. Unlucky for my sister in Columbia Missouri that she doesn't have a County Market! But even my college room mate in Springfield IL has a County Market where she can save money. It's not difficult. The first step is really being aware of the price of groceries. One parent was bragging to the mothers that they only shop at Big Box stores and buys in bulk. I asked her one simple question. "Do you price check the quantity versus the price you would be paying with coupons?" Silence. Of course she didn't. If she had, she would have seen that she is overpaying. I have to give the big box credit, they really make it LOOK like there is saving going on with groceries, even when on 60% of the products (that I have personally found) the prices are higher.

My sister was saying that for her, she just couldn't get good coupons or not for things she and her husband wanted to buy. I let her know about the blog, and the coupon section has over 80 printable coupons up each week. There will be more and more printable coupons added as I'm able to expand the Saturday Print N Save section.

My college room mate had never checked the ad specials web page at County Market. Ever. She just jumped in the car and shopped. No longer. I walked her through the website, and forwarded over one of the Wednesday coupon match up emails that went out last week. Wow. She was impressed. She is going to begin buying only advertised specials from now on to save money.

Each of these shoppers have decided to start saving money on groceries in different ways. One is going to check prices at big box stores versus County Market. One is gong to print free coupons on the County Market website. One is going to start getting the weekly coupon match and review the online advertised and web sales fliers weekly.

All these gals will be saving money on groceries starting this week. If you are trying to find ways to trim your grocery budget try one of these or all three. You'll be looking at at $80 grocery week instead of a $150 week right away.

Keep Saving!