Monday, April 26, 2010

6 Steps to Better Coupon Redemption

We're at the end of April. That means it's time to regroup, rethink, and get ready for our May savings. There are 6 things you need to do sometime this week to ensure Maximum savings for next month.

1. Clean. Don't wait until April 30th to clean out your coupon wallet. Why discover a fantastic coupon AFTER it's expired? I've save up to $20 by reviewing my coupons before the end of the month. This week, I found a $2 on 1 Crystal Light, and I'm out and planning to buy it anyway. I have coupons on sugar, cereal, and whipped topping that I have found, and happen to be buying anyway.

2. Sign up for a few trader boards. I use CouponTrader in yahoo groups. It's free. Its just a trade board. People post the coupons they have left over from their newspaper buys for trade. If you want them, you pay shipping, that's it. Most want Paypal so it's quick.

3. Make your May wish list. Mine includes travel snacks for the last week of May. We have field trips, weekend baseball, and of course a holiday weekend. I'm going to need tons of quick easy and healthy snack foods for the kids. I'll also need Ziploc bags to tote them all in, and napkins too. It helps to know what you need before you start the month.

4. Get your desktop in order. Put a new ink cartridge in your printer. You don't want to be out of ink next week when all the new coupons are ready to print. I buy all my cartridges online to save money on ink. I try not to spend more than $8 per, and they last me a couple months each. Place your recycled paper near the printer so you can pop it into the tray to print coupons. Remember to set your default to fast print, and energy saver mode. Printables

5. Check your inventory. Did you know that I was running low on flour? I am. Just noticed it today when I did a quick scan of the pantry. I keep my notepad with me then take it down the computer when I'm finished. After all, there may not be a sale for flour, but there may be a coupon online if I just know what I'm looking for online.

6. Get some rebate forms. I always use Clairwood. They have the largest inventory of rebate forms online. Plus, I like Lynn, she ships within a day, so I always have my forms fast. She had over 100 forms at anytime. Plus, she's reasonable about her handling fees. This week, I want a Steak rebate, a seafood rebate, and something for hamburger and buns. All I have to do now is shop for it. You can trade for forms in the forums, or you can bid on them in eBay. But I've never gotten the service like I do from a full time forms provider.
These 6 things will make your May easier and will give you more savings.

Keep Saving,