Friday, April 23, 2010

-35% New York Custom Cut Strip Steaks

I'm way under my grocery budget for the past 4 weeks. My budget is $300 Post Coupon/Pre rebate. I've been spending around $55 per week. So when I got to thinking about the time we had Ruth Cris's Steakhouse steaks, I figured it was time to splurge! Penny Pinching Princess no more.

First stop, County Market for Rancher's Legend Premium Angus Beef. Jeff was working the meat counter. I'm a firm believer in building a relationship everywhere I shop. I know Judy in the bakery, Jeff in the Meat Department, and Sheri is my customer service rep-aka fixer of all things coupon. Back to Jeff, I noticed that in the case there were no steaks near the size you get when you order the $35.99 dinner at Ruth Cris's, so I asked him what he recommended. "You need custom cut steaks, " he said. "You can do that?" I asked a bit bewildered. "Sure," he says, "Do you want 1 inch, 1 and quarter or 1 and half inch cuts?" Heck, I didn't know! "I want 1 and a quarter inch cuts of New York Strip steaks, " I said like I knew what I was doing.

I knew I had 2 Catalina Rewards from Old El Paso (see Catalina updates on Tuesdays) for $3 off my next purchase of Beef. So I had planned to use -$6 off whatever steaks I bought, and after all, it was time to live large. Look at these MONSTER steaks. I can't wait to have them for Friday night Ruth Cris's like dinner at home. I think it's the first time I've ever taken a picture of Steak.

This is a perfect example of how my lifestyle is enriched by coupons. I can spend $12 on a pair of Rancher's Legend Premium Angus Beef Custom cut just for me, because in a 4 week span, Coupons alone have saved me $70. Combine that with the fact that a Catalina saved me 35%, and I checked out only the steak on one receipt so I can later file a $10 steak rebate, and I'm living like a Queen. Penny Pinching Queen that is.

For my other shopping this week, I already told you about the $6 Catalina's from Old El Paso, but I also used $4 in free Chicken coupons from Kraft, which works nicely for chicken fajitas. I picked up 3 boneless skinless breast for $4.38 (net $.38) I used my Bush's Grillin Beans coupons to only pay $1 for a can of these delights. (Steakhouse blend will go nicely with my steak don't you think?) I saved on Coffeemate, Musselman's applesauce, Dr. Pepper, Johnsonville Brats, Velveeta Shells and Cheese, and Edy's Ice Cream. The only thing I didn't have a coupon for this week was a head of lettuce, and it was only $1.38 anyway.

Did I mention that I was automatically entered to win one of 36 $199 Bundles this month for buying Rancher's Legend Premium Angus Beef? Did I mention I got 2 free Red Box movie rentals automatically for using my max card? I did. Yes, I'm bragging. I made a haul.

You just can't knock high quality living at a discount! If you haven't picked up some free or deeply discounted Steak, chicken or produce this week, get going. Get a free movie rental, and get entered automatically with your max card. Become your own Penny Pinching King or Queen.