Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Zing 3


The Triple Zinger is a term I completely made up. When ever I think about a huge, spectacular deal, I envision myself as some sort of top secret international savings agent. My mission is to save beaucou bucks. I think for an operation so mind boggling, it needs a name. So I’ve named it the Triple Zinger. If everyone knew how to save money like I do, people would be lining up to hit the grocery aisles. This week’s ad has two Triple Zingers! Usually I score one of these big huge savings trips per month, but this week I get two! It uses three components that are easy to find. Super Secret Savings agents in training can do it too.

The first Zing, is the advertised sale. Everything I buy has at least one Zing. It’s my personal rule of shopping. Always buy when it’s on sale. Most sales will save around 25% off the list price of any given item when it becomes an advertised sale. If you think about it, this can save you a quarter on every dollar you spend. Maybe a quarter doesn’t sound like a lot, but over a month, it’s usually $100, a year, $1200. In my mini van, that’s two full tanks of gas every month just for buying on sale. It’s worth it to review the online ads right there.

However, this first zing is extra special. Tostitos Scoops are normally $3.99. For me, that translates into me walking down the aisle longing for those salty sensations, but not putting them in my cart.

This week Tostitos Scoops are on sale at an advertised 50% off. 2/$4 on scoops! My only question is how many can I get? My kids eat tons of chips with cheese. They fix them after school, for snacks and sometimes even have nachos for dinner. We easily consume 8 bags per month.

Next comes zing number two: Coupons! I usually save another 25% when I use coupons. Now I’m up to Fifty cents for every dollar. As a coupon user, I’m starting to feel really smart about my shopping. Which is why I think my Secret Agent status is so great. I happen to have save $1/2 coupons for scoops. I also have Free Dip or Salsa coupons when buying two scoops. Since the $1 coupon applies to chips, and the Free one to salsa, I can use both or “Double dip.” So I’m also going to be picking up some free queso for every pair of scoops. Cha Ching! But wait! This is a Double Zing.

Now I’m going to use my third Zing and file a rebate with my County Market receipt. Since rebates always figure on the Pre-sale list price, and our County Market receipts are really good about listing the pre-sale price opposed to sale only (Thank you County Market!) I will easily qualify for a “Salty Snacks” food rebate. This is where I get all excited about the savings. I admit it; I’m smiling just thinking about it. Add another 25% for using a rebate to my savings, and I’m up over seventy five cents saved on every dollar. There are tons of Salty snack ones out right now. I have a Dos Equis, Heineken, Busch Light, Bud Light, and a Michelob sitting on my desktop right now. I think I’ll file the $10 one, and two $5 ones. Depending on what state you live in, a beer purchase may not even be required to get this rebate.

I’m going to end up picking up $20 in Tostitos chips, or 10 bags. I’ll get 5 dips free. My total net out of pocket will end up 87% off. I’ll buy $18 net, including the drinks. I’ll say it again, I will spend only $18, and have 10 bags of chips, 5 salsa, a 12 pack and 2 six packs of refreshments. I’ll save $20 in advertised savings and will spend $20 on chips, $20 in totally free product (salsa and dips), and I’ll get my rebates for $20, and then have the $18 on drinks (which my husband will actually thank me for getting).

It’s a Triple Zinger all the way. What’s more, is that I can turn around and do the exact same thing with the Jacks 4/$11 pizza offers. I have the Kraft Jacks $1/1 coupons from the newspaper a few weeks ago. My friend usually gives me her pizza coupons, so I have plenty. That drops the pizza price from $2.75 each to $1.75. I’ll buy 8 of them, and file a $20 pizza rebate (there are almost always pizza rebates too, check with the spirits manager). My son eats Jacks pizza as often as I heat up the oven. Again, buy buying several; I’m able to save big bucks this month with the County Market sale. This deal will end up a mere $4 net out of pocket for 8 pizzas and a 12 pack.

I’m so excited about both these offers. You should be too because you can do this right now this week. Start Zinging! Triple Zing! Now you’re a Super Secret Savings Agent too. I’m headed to County Market now. I’m sure once I’m in the store, I’ll find a few unadvertised deals to compliment these Zingers. I’ll pick up Ground beef for the nachos, some soda pop and maybe a nice Cheese deal. I’ll let you know what I find once I get back with my bags of almost free groceries.

Until next time, keep Zinging!