Monday, March 22, 2010

Three Types of Shoppers

The use of coupons has gained quite a bit of attention in recent months. That's why County Market is helping you save money with coupons. Some shoppers report a saving of 10% on their weekly grocery purchases, while others boast a staggering 90% savings. That prompts many to question, “What am I doing wrong?” Or the better question may be, “What are they doing right?”

Coupon Shopper #1: The 10% off shopper! A majority of coupon shoppers fall into this category. These consumers simply cut out coupons, put them in their purse or wallet, and use them when you are at the grocery store. This method typically saves the consumer 25% off each item. Rarely does this consumer see over 10% off their total grocery bill, yet this shopper will save $10-15 at the register, and use around 12 coupons on average at the store. If they clip and use all the Sunday paper coupons, this shopper will indeed save money on groceries on an annual basis.

Coupon Shopper #2: This shopper adds an extra step to their coupon clipping. This shopper both Cuts and collects coupons. They keep all coupons that they encounter. They clip from the Sunday paper, pick up tear pads at the grocery store, and print free coupons online. Then this shopper reviews the weekly sales circulars to match up any Manufacturer coupons with already store discounted merchandise. This generally provides a discount of 50% off each item-or TWICE as much as shopper #1. This shopper buys items when on sale only. They often buy multiples of that item to save for later while it is offered at a discounted price. If this shopper is out of Milk-they do buy milk, otherwise they stick to the sales. This shopper typically sees 30-50% discounts on their receipts when checking out.

Coupon Shopper #3: The Cream of the Coupon shoppers! This shopper performs three steps. Both steps as shopper #2, but adds in the buy One Get One Free offers, Catalina rewards, and rebates. The BOGO deals are items that are already 50% discounted, and you can still use a coupon. These often yield a 75% savings. These are items that make sense to stockpile while on sale, and can make a huge difference in the annual expenditure of the household. This shopper also follows the Catalina rewards and offers that give money back on grocery purchases for brand loyalty. These glamorous little machines print coupons at the check out register when you purchase multiples from one company. This shopper can save up to 90% each and every time they check out at the grocery store. They find reward dollars to buy items that coupons are not offered, and combine basic coupons for multiple and layered savings.

Coupon Shopper #4: The County market Stacker. County Market is getting really aggressive at helping you save. By offering County Market Store coupons, this shopper can STACK their savings. They follow all three other steps, but now add in, or COUPON MATCH the County Market Store coupon, with a Manufactures coupon on the same purchase. For example, Steamers vegtables have CM store coupon for $1 off 2. The manufacturer also has a $1 off 2 offering. This Stacker, will give the cashier both coupons to be applied to the two bags of steamers. If the Steamer are running $1.19 per bag, the Beginning price is $2.38, they then subtract $1 compliments of Steamers, and $1 compliments of County Market to pay only $.38 That's a savings of 84%. This is how some shopper push their savings up to the 90% range.

These shoppers all save money on their groceries, but some save more than others. To start saving money, start with one step. Then as you master each category, add a step to save more money on your food and grocery needs. All savings are good savings, and it’s easy to get frustrated as you learn to master the steps. Most shoppers in category 3 noted that they were able to master the tricks of level 3 shopping in less than 90 days. To help keep you motivated, keep your receipts. As you check your progress, you’ll see your percentage of sales increase. You can save up to 90% when you shop smart.

Let us know how you are doing! If you've stacked coupons, and saved big bucks-share your story with us!