Friday, March 12, 2010

Keep Those Receipts!

Did I mention that when I check out I keep my reciepts like I do my coupons? I do. You never know when your receipts will bring you money in the mail. I mentioned that Wednesday afternoon I bought hamburger and cheese slices. I knew at the time I would end up filing the hamburger for a meat rebate. But what I didn't know is that this morning I would find a Cheese rebate to cover my cheese slice purchase. Yippee!

Always keep as many receipts as you get them. Mine are in envelopes on my desk marked by the month I made the purchase. Since I'm continually looking for rebates (and will be telling you about them too) You may find that you qualify for a rebate and all you'll need to do is pick up a form and file. I've filed rebates on purchases up to 3 months back, simply by finding a form that needed Soda, or bottled water. If you don't find the rebate you want in store, check online. There are thousands of traders out there who would be willing to share.

Since I ran two transactions when I checked out, I have two receipts. I can file both and get money back. We should probably talk about transactions. It's common for coupon and rebaters to split up their shopping into different transactions. But there are some common courtesy rules that apply.

It's okay to have two transactions at one checkout. I bought the big value pack of hamburger in one transaction, Total of $12.61. Then bought my cheese, buns, onions, and some other items in transaction #2. There wasn't a line at the time, so it was okay for me to put down the divider bar to indicate that I would need two different receipts.

However, if the store is busy, like on Saturday mornings or Sunday after church, it's considered rude to run multiple transactions. This is something that we coupon users police ourselves. It's also one reason I find shopping on Wednesday mornings easier :)

It is NEVER okay to ask the cashier to run more than two transactions in a row. Even if you are the only person in the store. If you have 4 transactions to qualify for your rebates this week. You'll need to shop, run 2 transactions, then take your goodies to the car. Comeback in and run your other two. It's not fair to other customers, and all those grocery bags get messed up at the checkout, which causes some anxiety for the employees.

To me, it's no big deal. If I'm going to rebate all my groceries for a week, and get them almost free, it's worth two repeat trips into the store. I'm sure if you are getting meat, cheese, soda and salty snacks the same as I am, you'll feel the same way.

The rebate I picked up today is a St. Patrick's day Guiness rebate. However, I don't have to buy Guiness to qualify. I have a different receipt from Feb for a 6 pack of Smirnoff Ice Sour Apple malt beverages-that will qualify. So Now all I need to do is put both receipts in an envelope and in about 45 days I'll get $5 in the mail.

Keep Saving!