Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fast Clippin'

It's Sunday! New Coupons are out in your newspaper. I buy the St. Louis paper because it's full of all the inserts avail. I purchase more than one Sunday paper to ensure that they have duplicates of the coupons for products they use most often. Ideally, coupon shoppers want to have 3 coupons to use on each product you will buy, and enought to trade with other coupon users. So I buy 3 papers.

1. Gather all coupon sections of your newspaper together. SmartSource, Redplum and P & G inserts. Sort by type.

2. Lay the inserts out flat on a table. Several sheets may be cut at the same time if you lay them directly on top of one another and make one cut. There are coupons on both sides, but not in the same space.

3. To keep lines straight, and not lose information off coupons from scissor slips, put a quick staple in the corner of each coupon-But not on the barcode!

4. Keep like coupons stapled together for easier sorting when you are ready to grocery shop. If you know that you will not be using some of the coupons, sort them immediately into a pile for trading coupons with fellow users.

5. One user’s unwanted coupon is another user’s treasure. Swaps take place in some County Market Stores. Ask your customer service manager if a coupon bin or board is located in your store.

Your entire clipping time for 3-4 newspapers should take no longer than 15 minutes each Sunday morning.