Thursday, March 11, 2010

66 Degrees and Wild

It seems like this past winter lasted 8 months. Maybe it's because is snowed so early in the season, but this year I've really suffered from cabin fever. I live in Ursa IL. Which is a small town of 500 folks just north of Quincy IL. We have had really cold winds off the Mississippi river bluff this year. Plus all the snow. It's nice when it's before Christmas and all white and fluffy, but when it's February, gray and black, and you still have to shuffle your feet in and out of stores I just want to fly south.

2pm: Finally, we caught a break! Yesterday was 66 degrees and I went a little wild. Not like the spring break crowd, but I decided I'm starting spring right now. I grabbed up all my cleaning gear and started prepping the deck for our first bbq of the season. I scrubbed the grill, wiped down all the deck chairs and hauled them from the garage, I even pulled out some of our summer toys for the kids. We needed this little mid winter holiday.

3pm: Next I jumped in the van and headed to town. Burgers. Big juicy hamburgers on the grill were all I could think about. What says spring is here more than cheeseburgers and baked beans? My list included ground beef, buns, cheese slices, red onion, and a can of Bush's Grillin Beans. Why not? If you haven't tried the Steakhouse recipe, grab a coupon off their website and give em a try. The coupons are up some days, not others, so check it often if there isn't one today. You'll want to subscribe to Jay's Journal, then when coupons are avail, they will email them direct to you.

But something else happened. I got to the meat department at County Market and Zing! There were steaks looking me square in the face. Not just any steaks, thick cut ribeyes. They were huge, and surprisingly on sale. I started to look around to see what was up. Apparently, it was an unadvertised special. Less than $2 per pound on Steak, plus I knew I was already going to get the ground beef free with a Busch Light rebate. The meat cutters were thinking the same as some of the customers-"Let's Grill" and they were helping out. So I grabbed four HUGE ribeyes -steak today and steak later :), and some ground beef, and headed for some cheese.

Then I found something totally new to me. Maybe you've seen it. But Borden is making cheese slices that are flavored. They were the same price $1.99, as regular cheese slices so I grabbed two packs to try. One was Cheddar Chipolte, the other was a provolone Sun Dried Tomato and Basil. Of course Avry, my oldest, wont' try anything new so I grabbed good ole Kraft American slices too. I had $1 off Kraft slices form the County Market coupon site. This is one of the rare times I didn't have a coupon for the other items. I wasn't expecting the Borden buy, But had to try it anyway.

5 pm: Once I got home, we fired up the grill. The charcoal smelled so good! I just sat on the deck thinking about the warm weather and the good food. The kids rode their bikes up and down the driveway, and my husband did the flipping. Wow! Maybe it was the long hard winter, maybe the fresh meat and cheeses, but man those burgers were the best. We all ate like we were starving mad men.

9pm: I'm just lucky to have taken advantage of the rare nice day and made the absolute most out of the experience. What a good day.